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  1. Jon otsemobors defending is only weak cause he cant concentrate on running and defening at once, to be fair to the guy he is pretty good in the air, and very strong, plus this position would help against his complete lack of passing speed. I definatly think simon lappin will be a solid LB next season.
  2. Lets face it, last game of the season, we need to field a good team.... Why when jason shackell has come back and done a good job at centre back do u put him left back against that small black guy -llyod sam- who is quick and a natural winger who turned shackell (who turns like a bus) inside out! Another thing, ok, i personally think a credit to the game was korey smith, he played with passion and showed skill and good ability on the ball, however, i think he was distant and poor on the right hand side, and really came into his own when he went into a middle 3. I know this will get some stick, but i will cry if we sign alan lee, although he tries 100% and puts himself about, i would like to see the figures on how many headers he won compared to how many he purposly fell to the floor to try to win a free kick for a fake push! this along witht the fact he looks like hes fuck*d after 20min, maybe hes just unfit, maybe hes just fat. Another little point, jon otsembor has been shit this season, but he looked ok in the last 20min at charlton, i think he would make a good CB.
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