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  1. i think i have started something here! i only made this topic cause i was annoyed at how much i had to pay to upgrade my grandads ticket, having just turned 16 they would make me pay an adult upgrade, didn''t realise that the club were scrapping the U21 price. i was always gonna pay it, now everyones talking about the choices young people make etc. yeah i''m going sixth form in september, had a season ticket last year but sacrificed it to get a PT job ... to be fair guys, if ANYTHING, they should bring an under 18 price back in. or maybe norwich should just make the price of tickets cheaper for everyone, pay the big shots a little less :P doubt it would ever happen though.
  2. nope, minimum wage is £3.57 an hour. and i know what you meant, i was just going off on a tangent. but my argument is that pensioners and U21 or even U18s should be paying the same.
  3. both my parents are season ticket holders, my mum took over my seat for this season cause i got a part time job on £4/hour. and was able to go to the next match. me and my dad also let norwich keep the rebate when we went down, which totalled to about £80 which was spent on Holt. so to tell me i should be sponging off my parents kind of offends me, when they''re both paying £25ish a month for the season ticket.
  4. yeah that''s the case all season. they still have the U21 season ticket price, but for casual games we have to get an adult ticket. god i wish i was under 12 - kids for a quid (when they''re being generous)
  5. kids shouldn''t have to be subsidising pensioners who are receiving final salary pensions.
  6. [quote user="Mister Chops"]Rachel,I''m glad you''ve brought this up, I think we should seriously discuss it.Firstly, would you describe yourself as Working Class?[/quote] i knew the whole ''working class'' thing was spose''d to be a **** take. But, i''m a student, it''s besides the point. and unlike many other students, i won''t be getting the £10/20/30 a week educational allowence, so my ''class'' should have nothing to do with this matter.
  7. i probably will just pay the upgrade, but it just annoys me that if they''ve got rid of the U21 casual price, then they could do the same to the season ticket price in the future. again, you get pensioners getting in for small amounts, where people still in education are having to pay full whack.
  8. i am considering just going through the turnstiles with the over 60 ticket and saying i am 15. just hope they don''t ID me, cause i do look over 16 :/
  9. Well, yeah we''re a working class family. I have the money to pay for the upgrade but I can''t justify it. I just hope some people from the club see this and re-introduce the U21 price. what aggrevates me also is that being a 16 year old, i''m having to pay more than pensioners, who some are quite well off, to get into the match.
  10. My grandad is unable to go to next saturday''s game, so i e-mailed norwich asking whether i would have to upgrade it if i was an under 21. They replied that they no longer do an under 21 casual ticket price, and i would have to pay for an adult upgrade. Asked how much this would cost - about £20, just for an upgrade. For a 16 year old kid this is a steep price. I think norwich need to seriously think about their prices and try to bring people in, instead of turning them away with the high prices for tickets.
  11. [quote user="Things are looking up "][quote user="Rach94"]i payed £50 to renew my U-16 season ticket, and by them letting kids in for a quid, is decreasing the value of my ticket. so to put it this way, I''VE BEEN ROBBED![/quote] My view exactly paid a total of £160 for my boys season tickets U16 and U12! [/quote] And also, i was a mug and let norwich keep my rebate. it was only a tenner but so did my dad. so we could''ve got £80 back in total. So with what that bloke said about "matching the unclaimed money" City have got £160 out of us for not claiming our money back!
  12. i payed £50 to renew my U-16 season ticket, and by them letting kids in for a quid, is decreasing the value of my ticket. so to put it this way, I''VE BEEN ROBBED!
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