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  1. Wow, I have to say that I''m impressed by the negativity that prevails on here. The hotel is not going to score 50 goals a season, no, but it will improve the clubs financial position making it more likely that we can buy/keep hold of better players. Quite a good thing I think. The hotel is no stately manor, but it is no 70''s tower block either. I''d prefer to live in there, than the apartments on the other side of CR. Pete, I was quite looking forward to the hotel being complete and open, does that mean you''ll change your introduction back, or do you only bow to negative pressure? I''m looking forward to next season, we have new investors on board, who it seems are serious about their investment and realise the need to invest in the team to get the best out of money they have put in. I appreciate that people have to right to their opinions, but as a long time lurker and infrequent poster I have seen too many peoples positive views dismissed by childish returns (you work for the club etc), never to return. I think next season will be a good one and we have more positives than negatives to look forward to.
  2. His car is not a Bentley. It''s a Chrysler.
  3. May I suggest you sell or give your ticket to someone that does care.
  4. Let us not forget that when you bought your ticket to the game, you knew the money was going to Craig. If he chooses to give none, some or all of his money to charity, one could conclude that it is none of our business. One could also conclude that someone demanding statements from the club regarding this, is quite rude.
  5. Why is this appalling? Is it appalling if they lined them up by height or age?
  6. Of course it looks awful, they''re halfway through putting up the bloomin'' concrete structure! It''s not going to look like that when it''s done. Oh, and it''s going to be a four star Holiday Inn.
  7. Not usually one to criticise, but found this amusing: Worthington on Falkirk game “That was more like the game we''re going to get in the Championship and that''s what we''ve got to plan for in two weeks'' time.” Huckerby on Falkirk game They''ve got a lot of foreign lads and they played a different kind of game, really, more of a Continental game.”
  8. What do you mean "which if true"? You should know, because he apparently said it to you!
  9. I don''t want Michael Turner from Brentford. I''m sure that we could have signed him, but (I''m taking a punt here) I doubt he''s good enough to get into our team. If they had signed Koumas for £350K then I''d be annoyed.
  10. That may well be the case, though I''m not quite sure what he meant by "type" Expensive type; Stroppy type or I can actually pass the ball type.
  11. I personally think that we do need a Peter Thorne type player, only not Peter Thorne (old, slow and actually a bit weak). A right winger, Safri in the middle with Etuhu who I think might show a bit more quality if played regularly and Hucks on the left. Though not quite as exciting as a brand new signing, the five acadamy boys should cover a few positions and start a few games this season and hopefully a couple may become the next Greeno and Shackell. We do not have and probably cannot afford to have one of the two strongest squads or 1st XI, so will have to rely on Fortress Carrow Road and some team spirit to make up the difference much like our promotion season. Whether Worthington being in charge makes that impossible only time and peoples reaction to both loss and victory will tell. If when we are winning there is still the negative campaign against him, it will do substantially more damage to the league position than to Worthingtons position. Koumas would have been a really great signing, but perhaps he didn''t want to come here, perhaps we could afford the transfer fee or the wages and if we could afford it maybe it would have left us financially unable to cover other positions. I have no idea which if any of these reasons it is. But the fact we didn''t sign him shoudn''t leave the door open for people to make comments of the "Worthington is a bad manager because he couldn''t be bothered to try to sign him" ilk. They don''t know if that is the case and shows irrationality and a lack of capacity for reasoned argument. I wont deny though that it does seem to create a feeding frenzy for other Worthy Bashers. I want the club to make some signings soon to enable them to settle in and stand as good a chance as possible for this season. I also want want those players to be the right ones. Marry in haste repent at leisure.
  12. He is living at Dunston Hall. A la Ashton. But he may just like it there!
  13. Worst midfield in the division. Really? Have a think about that and get back to me. This thread started off with someone complaining that Worthington should have signed a 5 foot 8 striker for £1m and played him on either the right or left wing. Considering the amount of complaints that people have made about Worthington doing this with other players it seemed a bit strange that someone is now having a go at him for now not doing this. I''m all for constructive criticism and even when not constructive if it''s funny and/or original I don''t mind. The melodramatic comments and BORING repetition of spinning every club comment (or other poster''s view) into a further negative attack on the club does nothing but make those posters seem incapable of rational discussion and the club even more unlikely to take notice. I quite agree that things are not all well at the club and there are worrying signs but I am also aware that we still have some really good players and the club isn''t about to go bankrupt. When I look at other clubs I can still say that I''m very happy to be a Norwich supporter. The reality is that this level of comment about the club is going to make no impact on the board. At present the board believe in the manager and with season ticket money in the bag it will take something very spectacular for fans to have an influence on them. I will be channeling all my efforts in supporting the team not in demoralizing them in a effort that I think will not work, though I do think he will jump or be pushed if last seasons efforts continue. Rant over.
  14. Oh my god!!!! Will this Worthy bashing never end. Now you want Worthy to sign a striker so he can play him on the right wing. Or is it the left?
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