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  1. https://www.joe.co.uk/football/english-football-league-mascot-fight-238086
  2. If we can avoid the Boiler, we should be in with a shout
  3. Original link doesn''t work - has this offer been discontinued?
  4. Who will buy this godawful Dutchman? Such a dud you never did see He is yours for under a million And we''ll throw in Andreu for free
  5. “It (the summer transfer window) has certainly been difficult for us. It is a newish scenario for me in terms of trying to get so many players in at a different level." I am delighted with our manager''s work so far but this quote does draw attention to his lack of experience. I remain hopeful that the waiting game will bear fruit but one does have to ask is a lack of wizened wiliness a factor working against us.
  6. His recording of Dr Suess'' One Fish Two Fish is my favourite thing he ever did. When my two boys were young they listened to it repeatedly on long car trips...mainly because I couldn''t bear many of the other story tapes they possessed.
  7. Red Ruddy? Rudd Ready? I actually think we should aim to keep Ruddy, Rudd and Bunn and also sign this bloke to complete the set. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=an8lbiZUt3I
  8. Well if we win our 1st game under him by 5-1, I''ll be happy with that.
  9. Here is a link to the Sky post match interview with Chris. http://www1.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/9181966/hughton-we-made-it-hard I presume this is the one to which the OP refers when he says "that Hughton had to change the tactics, approach and style of play. Something he actually admitted in the post match interview" Hughton says we need to start winning games but nowhere does he say anything approaching ''I had to change the tactics, approach and style of play.'' So...maybe -the interview was edited for the website - City 1st heard a different interview on a different channel - the noise of the pub caused him to mishear - or maybe something else....
  10. Nobody''s afraid of our ''Big Bad Wolf''. More''s the pity.
  11. Just thinking back to the atmosphere last year on 31 Jan and comparing it with this year. Last year there was desperation in the air. We just had to sign a striker or someone and this board was frantic.Rumours flew frantically and nerves were shred. Midnight came and no happy surprises had materialised. This place went mad. Absolutely potty. This year there are next to no rumours and only a sort of resigned disinterest on the message board. Why is this? We are in a similarly vulnerable position in the table. We do have gaps that need to be filled (AM). So why is the atmosphere so different?
  12. He should be trying to out-mussel defenders, seeking to winkle out more chances and stop playing like a load of old scallops.
  13. I think the fact there is no one outstanding contender at this stage for POS, speaks volumes. No one player has had a solid ongoing run of form all season. Just about all of them have blown hot and cold. If one or two key players can build a decent, long lasting bit of form it could be the answer to our current difficulties, even if the rest continue to fluctuate.
  14. Now that brought back fantastic memories for me. I lived and worked in Argentina for 7 years and not only is the song he is singing familiar, so is the passion, the amiable lunacy and the lack of self-conciousness with which he is singing it. All very typical Argentinian characteristics. How great to have him on board. Hopefully he can team up with Becchio and whip up the rest of the squad. Could we have found our new talisman?
  15. At the moment, when I look at the fixture list and see a ''big club'' coming up, my immediate thought is ''will we be able to keep the score under 4?'' I don''t like myself for it but it happens. Conversely, when I see a game against a mid or lower table on the horizon, my first thought is ''we should be able to scrap and get something out of this.'' My hunch is that the players are having the same reaction and it''s turning into a self fulfilling prophesy. The standing off when playing the big boys is probably all down to this fearful/negative mindset. Likewise, the digging deep we saw against West Ham, Stoke etc. is likely to be linked to a ''can do'' approach. My real concern is that any more of the former and we may lose the ability to dredge up the latter. All it could take is another Hull-like loss and all the Jenga bricks could come tumbling down. Therefore the question for me is, ''is Hughton the man to bring about a change in mindset?'' At the moment, my feeling is that he probably isn''t but we need to make sure we can find a decent motivator before operating the ejector seat.
  16. They did show him winning the crossbar challenge when at Leeds, though.
  17. The letters in his name had had enough of his negative spelling tactics and decided to take matters into their own hands.
  18. He''s on Twiiter calling for Hughton to go. Can''t see it''s got anything yo do with him.
  19. Found myself thinking this morning that, given recent tonkings away from home to ''top sides'', I would be happy with a 2-1 defeat this weekend. I quickly shook my head and dispelled such nonsense from my mind but the very fact such thoughts entered my head at all is concerning to me. I am now appear to be in ''expect the worst and when it''s not as bad as that, be content'' mode. Not a good place. Please City, slap me around the face with your performance this weekend.
  20. There you go Wiz, your man is now available..........
  21. 1. Racism exists 2. Some numbskulls won''t like Hughton becuase of his dual heritage 3. Their arguments are not worth considering 4. I don''t agree with Hughton outers but I am happy to debate with them on reasonable grounds 5. Is LDC really sure his intention in starting this thread was not to damn all Hughton-outers by faint association with racism? 6. If not, then presumably his intention was to tell us that some people are racist. If so, he should think twice before starting a thread to describe a truism, as such actions make it easy for people to misinterpret his intention.
  22. Musing about racist hidden agendas without any tangible evidence of those hidden agendas is disingenuous at best.
  23. A wise head on young shoulders. Impressing me as a pundit. Future management material.
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