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  1. Attendance is only important if its components, through homogeneity, enforces hegemonic power. I''m afraid, for now, that is not the case. There is too much petty squabbling and negative emotions spawned by the ambition of the club to our south. That does us no favours and can only encourage monotonous oblivion
  2. [quote user="West_London_Canary"]There''s nothing to be optimistic about, if you weren''t so blind you would realise that next season is going to be another long and very disappointing season just like the previous 3.[/quote]I''ll be visiting new places, with long trips home with a higher probability of a cheer. Even my fellow fan reduced to negative vibes and misery won''t be able to interfere with the yoga flying. I''ll soar and be blissful.
  3. [quote user="Lupo Loop"]Oh here we go again its the fans fault if it goes wrong! [/quote]To be fair most don''t know what they do! Pessimism is a terror, but open assault on our passionate allies is akin to myopia
  4. I''m ecstatic with the appointment. Long term success can only be achieved with folk passionate for the club. Calls for ''experience'' and for ''measures of success'' in dreary irrelevant clubs elsewhere are decidedly wide of the mark. It is belonging that matters most and only the fans can ruin this moment of magic. Self-destructiveness is rarely rational!
  5. [quote user="AJ68"]When there is any further news to announce, we will inform our supporters and the media.[/quote]Its imperative that we all support the process. The result becomes irrelevant as a simple throw away whinge; it is instead about the decision-making where rationality then dictates result. We aren''t Premier League and, given we therefore have substantial constraints on our options, we must stick together and support together. The mere individual, without negative thought, is the most powerful beast. Negative thought will enable oblivion
  6. [quote user="south east canary"]We[/quote]This is the only word in your post that I, as an individual, could tolerate. We are to blame as we have not created the atmosphere required for success. We have voluntarily made ourselves impotent as we look for the lynching. The excuse infects our souls
  7. [quote user="chippy savory"]Just wondering what peoples views are about this.[/quote]I''d go with Gunn as a passionate figurehead, with the duty of implementing the democratic decisions of all season ticket holders. The collective is more productive; social knowledge out-performs the limitations of the individual.
  8. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"]If there is any element of doubt [/quote]Your doubt limits you and us. It is a negative externality that reduces our welfare. The fellow only requires heart
  9. [quote user="south east canary"]Im not just blaming him. [/quote]There''s no glee from blame. There is only an ever disagreeable search for a sense of inferiority. Its an outcome that should be shunned as we celebrate the positive and demand, as an united force, its harvesting
  10. [quote user="south east canary"]Roeder was the worst thing to happen to this club since i have been going. [/quote]The individual is never to blame. It take team effort, with the spiffing virtuous or glum vicious cycle generated. Those that blame the individual are part of that cycle, just without the inherent social capital required to understand their failings. So it is and will be
  11. [quote user="Spineless Fooks."]We ain''t now, it''s officially over.[/quote]That''s your fault that is. Lizard people foot soldiering...
  12. [quote user="Paint Me Yellow"]What are you bloody talking about?[/quote]Its an interesting one I suppose. Here I am demanding homogeneity, whilst you''re suggesting heterogeneity and therefore confusion. No need to be confused. Its a simple scales in which we serve, with you and your ilk tipping it towards unsinkable unthinkability
  13. [quote user="Spineless Fooks."]If you aren''t a binner I admire your optimism I really do. I usually believe, but not this time...[/quote]Every snip of pessimism snaps the misery scissors. I know you do not know what you''re doing, but you''re increasing the likelihood of oblivion. We might as well unleash the lizard people on our kinfolk
  14. [quote user="Spineless Fooks."]Bugger off binner.[/quote]You''re the sort of fan that disappears when things look dodgy. I was like you once, but David Icke helped me see my limitation. Hope, faith and celebration is always a possibility. Its only if we stick together that we will turn this around. Positivity is everything
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