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  1. Find the quote when i said i beat him up and put him in hospital and ill answer your question
  2. So with out reading the evening news, i believe the gentleman that was in question on the train for head butting me, and claimed to be part of the NHS, has been banned for three years! Under the name of graham i believe my mate said who noticed the picture. Long live the gimp/morph suit as far as Im concerned as id much rather be noticed for that than be noticed for fighting like a thug in a group to make them selves look tough, And i also believe there was a comment about how hard it was to believe that a forty plus man would still be involved in fighting, well believe me now? Considering the oldest was 50 plus! Sorry to drag this topic back up but Im glad it got printed in the evening news what thugs these are!
  3. We need a massive player now to make us stand out from the rest of the pack, a bellamy, or a robbie keane
  4. Im actually getting bored of this thread now, iv explained what''s happened. . .lets leave it at that and get back to supporting norwich now. . . . Yeah?
  5. I never started the thread, just answered, the fact is there was a fight, i did step in, i did get head butted, and they did claim to be the nhs, whether its true or believable is something completely different questions got asked, i answered, in order to prevent the he said she said posters getting Their pennies worth in
  6. Not once have i attention seeked nor any thing else, a thread has been started, i have answered questions nothing else! The guys on the train who started the trouble associated them selves with the ''NHS'' not me or any one else, Im not asking for sympathy just stating facts! I could give a flying f*** what people think i look like, i am old enough and certainly ugly enough to make my own mistakes, and not once have i been on here asking for some one to hold my hand nor complaining about a slap or two!
  7. [quote user="NR1snakepit"]Im worried for the morphs next game they go can see them getting opened up after mtvs bear baiting[/quote] be worried for us? ! What sort of planet do we live on? If you guys have to go round threatening and doing over a couple of guys dressed as jelly babies then so be it, especially over a key board, i mean lets be honest don''t you think if we were bothered by the threats we would have stopped along time ago! On Saturday i was head butted,by a norwich city "fan" and then told not to return to another match i would be killed by a norwich city "fan" Its absolutely pathetic! I won''t be watching my back, i have no need to, ill follow my team and support them like i do till the day i die! I just think the few who have an issue should actually ask them selves why? Im not going to get dragged into a slanging match, but i will stand up for my self! How about the city "fans" that were smashing up seats at derby that we took forward, do they get a mention for embarrassing the club or is it just us because we dare dress different? Just won a bid on ebay for a burberry cap, set me back twenty pence but think it might go well with the morph suit!
  8. Well the guys were starting on some right in front of us they had them pinned in the entrance to where we were sat, my friend attempted to intervene to which they got more rowdy, i stood up to stop my friend when i was approached by one who''s exact words included something along the lines of if you ever get seen at a game dressed like that again we will kill you,followed by a rather cracking head butt, rightly or wrongly i defended my self!
  9. And Im not asking people to feel sorry for me, Im trying to stand my corner and say they we don''t go to football matches to find trouble, but it appears if there is the slightest sniff its instantly publicized, i go to sing, lose my voice, cheer my team, and freeze my balls off, that''s all i want! I love it and it shouldn''t matter what we wear as long as it s yellow and green, as we are all there for the same thing!
  10. I didn''t target any one for wearing "normal clothes" but yesterday the ones that wanted to fight every tom dick and harry were dressed normally, and were acting g like thugs- i just don''t see the harm that gets caused by me and a few others dressing a bit different and singing a few song s,
  11. So, i better clear this up before it gets blown out of proportion, on the train back we we just sat there minding our own business when a fight broke out just in front of us, me and my friend tried to break it travel which point i got head butted by a so called member of the "nhs" to be honest not only was it terrible that he and a few others took it upon themselves to start on innocent passengers they then turned on a fellow fan to which i kindly obliged, they are thugs and i would much rather go round ever away match dressed like a Prat than what i would going round dressed like a thug and associating my self with people like that- what they were doing to poor train passenger and then to me was awful! Its embarrassing, they are thugs who think that every football game should be like something of green street, when really they are weak boys who have to hide behind each other when they go looking for fights! Im proud to be a yellow and ill continue to show my support in the ways i want to!
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