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  1. I think part of the problem is that there is no World Cup / Euros and Summer without football just isn''t as fun. So when your team''s got a couple of cheap signings from West Brom to show from their Summer transfer window efforts, there''s only so much excitment to be gained! Bored fans then become disgruntled / worried etc...2 years ago I was probably as excited I had ever been before the start of the seasons (RvW, Fer, Redmond) having signed but ultimately it was one of the most disappointing seasons I''ve experienced as a Norwich fan. Haven''t widnessed a Norwich team start with so much focus and itent as we did at Wembley, I am giving AN the benefit of the doubt. This man is a managerial genious and even if we fail to sign anyone else of note, I am not worried because I think AN will get the best out of our squad and I just believe we won''t be within the 3 worse teams. If I had to pick 3 teams at the moment, I would be more concerned as a Leicester (got rid of Pearson) / Villa (Delph,Vlaar, Benteke gone) / Watford (too many signings and managerial merry-go-round?)Another point I''d like to make is about this being the year you can''t get relegated due to the new tv deal - it really bothers me! This exact same thing was said a few years ago, and a few years before that and I am sure in a couple of years time, another bumper tv deal will have been agreed and then relegation will be unfathomable again! Getting relegated from the Prem in any year is going to be a massive finacial punch in the gonads so I don''t see why every 3rd season should be labelled as one where regelgation would be "an unfathomable disaster!"
  2. I''m really surprised with how many aren''t bothered by this, £1m is surely a bargain. In terms of quality, the best winger we have (had) for goals / assists. Yes he''s had injury problems but he''s fit now! I Spose maybe he does have an attitude problem but I''d rather play him til Jan and then sell for a cut down fee if he''s had a poor half season rather than getting rid now. Hope I''m proved wrong if he goes. I would love Josh Murphy to get a string of games under his belt
  3. I thought the ref was poor, also not exactly at the peak of physical fitness either! Forgot how noticeable to drop in ref standards were
  4. Players miss games when they have kid or attend a funeral. I don''t see why it''s so strange that a wedding / honeymoon could result in a game being missed (obviously less flexibility with the dates of the above events) but it''s not like he could have done it while the WC was on. If we want to keep him, denying him of a honeymoon could piss him off if we''re trying to keep him onside! missing 1 or 2 games out of 46 wouldn''t be the end of the world
  5. Nice finish tonight. Assuming Tettey plays I would pick Surman over Johnson any day of the week. Eddie Howe seemed very keen to have him back for this upcoming season so I think that says a lot
  6. Pleased with the price. He does have a cracking left foot but I will not miss his theatrics, more specifically his decision making in choosing to dive (and not even get a free kick) when he could play on. Redmond has more potential IMO if he can improve his end product
  7. After watching the new kit teaser trailer, it looks like the errea logo on the socks...
  8. he''s looking decent IMO! he''s put about 3 full back splitting passes through for the right winger to get some crosses in from the byline in the last 10 mins
  9. Exactly, I don''t think a team who hold the record prem defeat are in a position to mock. I can''t wait for the 6 points we''ll take off them this season
  10. I agree, I think surely he would be one of, if not the best DM in the championship (not that I''ve paid much attention to it the last 3 years!) hope we keep him
  11. I think a Paul Lambert interview trumps that.."the lads were great" ... "we''ll go again next week" ... etc
  12. Looks like we''ll be depending on a 25 yarder from Hooper as standard, can''t see any other attacking threat in the team!
  13. I''d be really surprised if he did go to Villa. I don''t think the money we''d get would be worth the loss in that position. Not only that but it''s not like we have a particularly great relationship with Villa after the Lambert / Steer moves. I can see us not selling out of pure stubbornness! Plus after the windows closed and speculation has died down a bit he can be an important player to us
  14. Paul Dalglish anyone? 2 goals in 43 apps up front if anyone''s questioning RVW''s goalscoring ratio!!
  15. 2-2 2 nil up but then we won''t know what to do - would probably take a point tomorrow to be honest, my expectations are higher for Hull away
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