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  1. Is it true that Delia''s house is on "Letsbee Avenue"?   Just asking! 
  2. [quote user="Neil Cluckcaster"]Cheers mate...now you can have Delia back.[/quote]   That''s a very tempting offer Neil but I think we''ll pass.   Wonder if she''s still got her scarf though? 
  3. As an ITFC fan and a fan of football in general, I would like to wish all the NCFC fans, Bryan Gunn and the Norwich City team all the best for Sunday. We all know that there is a great rivalry between our two clubs... certainly within the relative fan bases... but I honestly hope you manage to avoid the drop at the weekend. Bryan Gunn has stated (supposedly) that it would, after Monday night''s result, take a miracle to survive the relegation threat. After watching that game against Reading, I thought your team played some nice football but just lacked that little bit of bite up front and the killer passes around the box didn''t quite materialise. I felt sorry for Bryan Gunn at the end of the game. I believe he is a man who has a true passion for your football club and a desire to do well for the team and the fans. If he gets the appointment full time, I think he will do a good job. One plus point for Norwich City however must be the emergence of Cody McDonald. In my opinion, he is a fine asset to have going into Sunday''s game... he showed a good deal of spirit and a willingness to work and run for the team. Clingan didn''t have a bad game either... but they were the only two I remember who made a real positive gesture for the Norwich City cause. As an Ipswich Town supporter, I don''t ascribe to the mindless hostility that local rivalry can breed. Fair enough, we would all like the bragging rights at work or in the pub after each game and especially after the derby games and come the end of the season... but all the name-calling, idiotic taunts and personal slurs are, I feel, unecessary. We ALL have things in common... we love our respective teams and we love football! Once again, as a true and loyal supporter of Ipswich Town, I would just like to wish you all the very best of luck for Sunday and I hope we can all look forward to the derby games in The Championship again next season. Cornish Blue
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