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  1. Sorry guys, I meant City, mind is all over the place at the moment.
  2. Hi Guys, Forest Fan in peace. Signed up as I just wanted to say that I am sorry for you guys, such a great fan base and a good club that shouldn''t be where you currently find yourself in, it''s a club that should be top half minimum. Obviously great for us that you lost on Monday as we are now safe but I do feel sorry for you lot, I don''t believe you have been worse than Barnsley this season that''s for sure, but then again I haven''t been to any of your games. I believe you needed a strong Manager when Roeder left and your board maybe failed in that respect getting Gunn, we on the other hand got Billy Davies who is an arrogant c*nt but knows how to get the job done and what is required in this league, he saved us. I hope you don''t go down and I hope Barnsley do. It''s not over yet guys, if the first season is anything to go by in Forest''s respect and the way things change so quickly, there is reason for hope, results seem to go for you when you least expect it and I hope they do for you lot. I hope to see you again in the Championship next season.  Go down though and it''s a tough ask to get out of League 1 it''s tough, not pretty and very physical and if it was to come to that hope you can do what Leicester have done and come straight back up. By the way I like Norwich (the City, or is it a Town?) I spent a while there on a fishing trip and was blown away with the peace and how beautiful it was. Good Luck Guys   Rick
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