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  1. [quote user="motley7"]Danny Kelly? this season is getting exciting already...[;)][/quote]Its not the danny kelly that used to work with the legend that is DANNY BAKER is it. Fork me, he''s lying about his age if it is. Seriously, lets not re-sign players again. If anyone cares to remember, ROBERT FLECK was never the same player second time round. New division, new challenge, new blood!!
  2. just had a phone interview with b.ghucks is in norwich, true!. He''s having treatment at the club. b.g was very non-commital about hucks return. All he said is hes under contract AT THE MOMENT in san jose.Lets give him a chance. If he can''t cut it with a squad of his choosing, then he has to go
  3. funnily enough, i said the same thing to a pal at work [sunderland supporter. hes suffering as well!] The opinion we came to is either when the fixtures are announced [any ieas when?]or when the first game kicks off.
  4. [quote user="Lord Snooty"][quote user="First Wizard"]Good, bugger off![/quote]   Seconded. [/quote]could not agree more!
  5. the manyoo game you remember folks, is that the same one where one of their fans fell through the roof of the barclay [asbestos sheets if i remember] and got a kicking when he landed. I think thats what started the fun. I remember seeing an orange studded with nails being lobbed as well as bits of concrete.
  6. i dunno about mike walker, but for sheer passion, and understanding about his sport. My nomination is MURRAY WALKER
  7. [quote user="Ali Dia"]Indeed.  Then they''re off out on the town with Doncaster and Delia for a night on the sniff[/quote]throw in jan molby and the pubs, bookies and takeaways will do a roaring trade!
  8. [quote user="Ali Dia"]Come Thurs Oct 1 we might need them to hang around until the Saturday for a run-out. [/quote]is this a fish n chips and poker night then
  9. The yorkshire organisation [total membership 1. unless you know better ] issues the following statement with regards the clubs current situation.eeeeee theres trouble at t''mill! we aint got fayth in t''board, t''manager and t''whole lot o em. After last week i said t''wife ''wife, i gotta do summat!''. like what she said. Get on tinternet and get t''board t''address of the shit creek paddle stores and post it t''board, cos we is in it!. At that point i kicked whippet, got a john smiths and hid in t''airraid shelter and sobbed........WHY USbut ont bright side, i can see t''galpharm from here!the yorkshire organisation will keep fayth wi'' club, wi you the fans. But we do need change in t''boardroom.to quote the great yorkshire hero Fred Trueman..........i''ll see thee
  10. [quote user="Forces2Canaries"]In light of the numerous disastrous decisions and managerial appointments which have taken place at Norwich City Football Club over a prolonged period of time, which this last weekend has seen the relegation of OUR football club to the third tier of English football for the first time in 49 years, the Committee of the Forces2Canaries Supporters Group wishes to place on record that is has no reliance or belief in the current members of the Board. We are unable to support the Board, and feel unable to trust or have any belief in any decisions they make, for and on behalf of OUR football club. Whilst accepting that the Board have acted in a manner they considered to be the best for NCFC, it is abundantly clear that many mistakes have been made, which have been recurring and ruinous, and this can not be allowed to continue. The Committee of Forces2Canaries expects that the Board take urgent and decisive action, and are appalled at last evening’s statement which has done nothing but state the obvious. We expect changes of personnel within the boardroom, and until this takes place the Forces2Canaries Committee will be unable to support the members of the Board and their decision making. Furthermore, we believe any decision to appoint Bryan Gunn as First Team Manager, yet again goes to show the ineptitude and denial the members of the Board are under, as they will be rewarding failure and will be taking the easy option, in appointing a Manager with no previous experience, and who is still ‘cutting his teeth’ in football management. We will always support OUR football team, and whilst we may not agree with future managerial appointments, we will always support the manager and the players. The current Board are purely custodians of OUR football club, and we the Supporters will still be here long after they have moved on.[/quote]Hear Hear. well said
  11. As hes out of contract, get rid. Never rated him greatly any ways.
  12. i hope we do beat charlton. On last nights performance, it could be a bit hairy. Should gunny accept relegation?, maybe. Start afresh, remember no club no matter how big or small, can go down. Take newcastle as an example. 50,000 week in week out and still up to their necks in it. Whatever happens, gunny will call and we will follow. On the ball city!
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