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  1. I dumped Canary Player during the Prem seasons as the picture quality for match highlights was so pi$$ poor. As we''re going to get loads less exposure this season I was thinking of subscribing again but does anyone know if the picture quality has improved at all as I don''t want to pay for it if it''s still rubbish.
  2. You''ll have no problem finding a pub with English football in Side mate. Bars everywhere but look out for one called the Red Lion. A great place to celebrate staying up against WBA with a draw after Wigan lose their next two. Won''t have to worry about Man Citeh
  3. They also need to finish above Sheff U who are playing Neil Warnock''s Palace on Sunday. I''ll out my house on Sheff U winning that one what with Warnock being a Baldes fan etc...
  4. It''s interesting to bear in mind (and who knows if it''s occurred to Reading yet) that , yes , Reading need 2 wins to have a chance of automatic promotion , therefore in theory they''ll be going all out for victory against us. But with Sheff U playing away to Palace next Sunday (with Mr Warnock as their sympathiser-in-chief) I would put my house on Sheff U winning that one therefore Reading resigned to the play-offs. As a result I''d like to think Reading have factored that in and will use it as an excuse to maybe rest a couple on Monday to avoid injuries to key players needed in the play-offs. Might just make our task a little easier.  
  5. Not seen anything recently regarding the irony of Rodent letting Jamie out to Barnsley on loan earlier this season and scoring in games which won 4 points towards the Barnsley cause. Just wondering what people''s thoughts were on this. Obviously great move by Gunn to take him back if only to prevent further points accumulation for Barnsley which may have done for us before now.
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