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  1. SwissCanary

    Why are people whinging about Charlton tickets??

    I''m a lifelong City supporter from Switzerland who comes over for around 3 to 5 home and away games in a season and I''m also a NCFC member. At the end of last week I booked my flights to London thinking that I''ll be able to get a ticket this Wed according to the info from the ticket office at the end of last week. On Mon I was really shocked and dissapointed when I checked the NCFC website and it said that all tickets had allready been allocated. I then sent the ticket office an e-mail and they replied swiftly writing that they were sorry but coulden''t do anything about the situation. I really hope that Charlton decide to allocate another 1000 or so seats for us Norwich supporters. It  would also make sense from Charlton''s point of view. I''m keeping my fingers crossed but still I''m really dissapointed by the announcements from the ticket office which will not just cost me quite a bit of money if I need to cancel my flights because I cannot get a ticket but also because I''ve been looking forward to the game for days now...