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  1. Henry

    So team for Blackpool ?

    The sad fact is it doesnt really matter how we line up or which formation we play. If we do not pass well we could be looking at another shocker.Passing needs to be quick and accurate. We have players that are capable of that but for some reason have been largely unable to do so.

  2. Henry

    So team for Blackpool ?

                            RuddyWhittaker   Martin   Bassong   Garrido                  Howson  Johnson E.Bennett         Andreu           Redmond                       JeromeThink E.Benno needs a run in his favoured position. Redmond is far better at cutting inside.Andreu appears to be a goalscoring midfielder ... we need goals ... play him.Plenty of options on the bench still with Wes, Murphy etc
  3. Henry

    Well that's ambition for you...

    FFS give it a rest.Better still, hire a hotel room and have a circle jerk together about your hatred of all things connected to Norwich.Drama Queens
  4. Henry

    Brilliant Blog...

    Absolutely spot on. Good read and perfectly true [Y]
  5. Henry

    "Go on,make my day"

    Thursday April 21st 2011 .... Ipswich 1 Norwich 5 Needless to say my birthday celebrations the next day were quite fun [B]
  6. Joined up too.Never come close to winning anything on Super Six but you never know ... and its free [:)]
  7. Henry

    What a shambles...

    Think its time everyone grew up.Immature, point scoring idiots. This board has become even more of a laughing stock than Waccoe or Twtd.Never mind, just keep patting yourselves on the back, believing you are popular and let the Norwich City fans that thirst for debate and information find it somewhere else. This place is a nuthouse, with no more real voice and say in Norwich City issues than the Jeremy Kyle show.
  8. Henry


    40-1 to be Championship top scorer next season. Not a bad outsider to have a hopeful flutter on if he finds his shooting boots [:)]
  9. The team will be better without Snoddy in it. Bennett will hopefully get his long awaited chance to shine.This isn''t a case of prudence and you know it Wiz.
  10. Henry

    Suarez goes "Jeffrey Damper" again!

    When he sees Italians, He goes off his head He just cant eat enough He just cant eat enough

    A nice bit of shoulder A tasty bit of leg He just cant eat enough He just cant eat enough

    He picked his man And he took a bite And he just cant seem to eat enough

    Du du du du du du Du du du du du du

    Hannibal Suarez

  11. Thomas Tuchel.Must admit its a fantasy choice, but his likely dispute with Mainz fits the hold up :)http://www.dw.de/thomas-tuchel-leaving-mainz-05/a-17628183
  12. Henry

    That big betting give away!

    Its Thomas Tuchel Wishful thinking, fantasy or fact .... you decide ;)
  13. Sometimes you really do get a rough deal here Wiz.But you really don''t help yourself at all.
  14. Errr .... i actually agree with the binner.I feel dirty now, time for a shower.
  15. Same here.But then again, its a welcome relief. Pretty much every away game lately I have faced with a boring realism that we were going to get diddely squat.Today I''m excited.Perhaps thats blind optimism, but who cares. Its fun to be expectant again.
  16. Think there may be a tad too much analysis going on here.Does it really matter?All that matters is what happens on the pitch and how you ultimately feel about Norwich City Football Club and the performances.
  17. Henry

    Where were you all?

    Pathetic point scoring. You should hang your heads in shame.Idiots
  18. Henry

    I'm quite happy....

    Its too late.
  19. Henry

    Wes a disgrace

    Perhaps he is just jacked off with the twatwaffle coaching staff and Manager?
  20. Henry

    Everton Match Thread

    Can everyone please send Elliott Bennett a get well soon card. We need a right sided midfielder ... we appear to be missing one today.
  21. Appreciate that Morty.

    Perhaps one day football will be become fun again. And perhaps it could recognised that the fans are every bit as important as the bulging wallet agents and players. I wont hold my breath ... but its my dream.

    When and if that, and safe standing is introduced, i will rejoin the season ticket waiting list ... irrespective of who the manager is or what division we are in.

    Until then i suspect i shall have to put up with the fact that i am a plastic, second rate, never go to games, armchair supporter ;)
  22. Its not just about Hughton though is it?

    Its the spiralling costs, lack of atmosphere, no sense of being truly valued as a fan.

    This isnt just something that is Norwich specific. Fans are being forced/bored out of the game. The passion is receding across all grounds in the Premier League.

    Its all about the Premier League and all about the money.
  23. Gave up my season ticket at the end of last season.

    No atmosphere, unrealistic expectations from fans and turgid football.

    Dont miss it one bit either. I was passionate about supporting NCFC ... just a shame the majority of the crowd at Carrow Road cant transform their passion into a bit of an atmosphere.

    Its all very well giving it the - Get behind the team speech, but how often does that translate into unconditional, vociferous support for the Canaries?