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    where you guys from

    Jersey Channel Islands
  2. hairycanary

    Celebrity links (Tenuous or not!)

    I have the same name as frank skinners real name Chris Collins that''s about it
  3. where did you book the flights for so cheap i might be up for it?
  4. hairycanary

    Grant Holt

    Has he ever got injured? I remember him struggling against Watford at the end last season but he played 3 days later and scored against forest if I remember correctly.for a man who is so influential he never seems to miss any games (apart from suspensions)
  5. hairycanary

    who is this man?

    i know who you mean hes got grey hair there every week doing nothing i can''t stand him either think he translated once for the manager years ago but i might be wrong
  6. hairycanary

    spurs away ticket for sale

    now sold
  7. hairycanary

    spurs away ticket for sale

    pm me if you want it cant make the game now gutted
  8. hairycanary

    Henri Lansbury Wonder GOAL!!!

    Looked like it came off the other guys boot to me
  9. Sorry to hear about your loss such a tragedy i would Try tweeting @davidmcnally62 he will most likely be able to help
  10. hairycanary

    Congratulations R.Martin and wife

    ya but he had to come straight back didn''t he because of a call up to scotland so it must of been really quick!
  11. hairycanary

    Grant Holt - team of the week

    they say vorm,al habsi, hennessey and tim howard are the only goalkeepers to have saved two pens but so has ruddy stoke and west brom
  12. hairycanary

    Toon Predictions and Lineups Etc

    I''m going 2-0 sgt Pilko with the first and holt with the second got a good feeling about this one
  13. mickey mouse tunewho''s the greatest goalkeeper the world has ever seennorwich city no1 super john ruddyruns the pitch to celebrate hes bigger than a treenorwich city no1 super john ruddyjohn ruddy john ruddy john ruddy

  14. hairycanary

    Norwich write up

    On the football ramble. if you don''t know about the site check out the dean windass hall of fame, dubs is in there and a manager called bella guttmann complete nutcase.http://www.thefootballramble.com/blog/entry/canaries-adapting-well-so-far-to-premier-league-testGuttmannhttp://www.thefootballramble.com/dwhof/entrant/bela-guttman

  15. hairycanary

    The Banner!

    love it i''ll stick a tenner in
  16. hairycanary

    Norwich City fans in the CHANNEL ISLANDS

    hi jacko that was me and dan (the guy who started this thread). we''re trying to find out if there are any more fans around the islands, dans started a facebook page called norwich fans in the channel islands so if your on facebook sign up to it even if your from guernsey! really enjoyed that meal and the company.cheers Chris
  17. hairycanary

    Here is the new kit guys

    Anyone else see the help for heroes on john ruddy''s goalkeeper gloves in the video.Only noticed after watching the video about 8 bloody times! nice touch
  18. hairycanary

    How rich have we all got?????

    had a bet with my welsh mate at the beginning of the season on who would finish higher between us and Cardiff for £35.00 and then we had a bet in the six nations which England won for £20.00 can''t wait to see him
  19. I think it''s just down to working hard and taking your chance if it comes your way.Huddersfield i believe put in a offer for john terry when he was young for a fee around £200,000 which chelsea accepted but terry said no.Would he of been the england captain if he had said yes to the move doubt it.
  20. hairycanary

    4.37am here in Australia

    In the channel islands in jersey absolutely brilliant got tickets for saturday what a day thats gonna beCOME ON YOU YELLOWS premier league we''re having a laugh
  21. hairycanary

    Grant Holt - New record?

    didnt ian ashbee at hull do it?
  22. used google translate on the story, makes a bit more senseThe Norwich City run from Tuesday to Spanish Dani Pacheco in their ranks. Your city is located in the county of Norfolk, eastern England. Their stadium, Carrow Road, has a capacity of 27,000 spectators. In home games is bordering on full, half of 26,500 fans attend the camp to encourage the Norwich City FC. One of them is named James Robinson, a faithful follower of the ''Canaries''. MARCA.com James tells how the new team of Dani Pacheco.

    [Photo from the news]

    Several fans are encouraged to Norwich.



    have a hobby that encourages the team win, lose or draw. The stand sing

    for 90 minutes and I''m sure we''ll create a song for Pacheco. We have

    high hopes for him. We have a real chance of playing in next season
    Premier, "says James Robinson. The Norwich City FC last season reached the League One to the Championship. Now, second with 67 points, looking directly up to the top flight of English football. The winner is the Queens Park with 76.

    James Robinson''s words spread optimism. "Paul

    Lambert, Norwich FC Scottish coach, has created a great team with its

    own philosophy. This has led with eight games to go in the season, the

    club has serious options for promotion to the Premier League."
    And is that the ''canaries'' make a touch football and a very attractive style. Quick passing and attacking play. So much so that many have dubbed the Norwich City as the ''Arsenal of the Championship. "

    He finished third in the Premiership in 1992/93


    Robinson observes that "the Norwich finished third in the Premiership

    in the 1992/93 marketing year. He has twice won the League Cup, one in

    In that game Pacheco''s new team beat Sunderland 1-0 at Wembley Stadium.


    1993 The Norwich City is the only British team has won at Bayern Munich in the old Olympic Stadium in Munich. It was the October 20, 1993.

    Is a computer that also has tasted the honey of a European competition. "In 1993/94, the Norwich City played in the UEFA Cup and was in the third round," recalls James. Another

    fact to approximate the rich history that has this club is that Norwich

    is the only British team has won at Bayern Munich in the old Olympic

    Stadium in Munich.
    The next year the ''canaries'' celebrated its 110 anniversary of the founding of the club and want to do in the Premier League.

    James Robinson also wanted to send a message to Dani Pacheco. "I

    wish him all the luck in the world. All the fans want to succeed here.

    We have some very important games. If you help us climb to the Premier,

    will always be wanted in Norwich."
    So the English fans.
  23. hairycanary

    New Seasons fixture list.

    17th june norwich city''s birthday[^]
  24. hairycanary

    funny thread to cheer up people

    found this thread quite funny pictures http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=330059