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  1. Rudd is quite good enough, amd cheaper than flapper Marshall. Give him a go. He also kicks the ball a lot further than the deserting rat.   
  2. [quote user="blue pride"][quote]Just listen to every interview Hucks does and his passion and commitment for the club is evident for all to see. This is reason why he should never have been allowed to leave the club, you can argue whether he''s past his best, isnt cut out for the championship physically any longer or whatever. But what you cant deny is his desire for the club to succeed and commitment to give 110%. Having this kind of player in the dressing room is imperative to a successful team. Dion was the same, maybe didnt have the same love but was totally committed. This season weve replaced Hucks passion and desire with lazy money grabbers like Siberski, and numerous other loan players, with the exeption of Lee, that couldnt give a toss about Norwich City, and were here to get fit or use us a shop window for the summer sales. To those who say its the boards fault, lack of money, Grant, Gunn etc, its all rubbish. Its 50% Roeder and the loan policy and 50% no Huckerby. His influence on and off the pitch has been sorely missed and the decision to let him go has been catastrophic. Letting Hucks go was like ripping the heart and soul out of Norwich City.[/quote] [8]memories like the corners of my mind[8]  [:D][:D][:D] [/quote]FOYSC.
  3. [quote user="Gunn Be Gone"]Whatever money we get for Clingan will vanish just like all our transfer money always does. [/quote]SPOT ON!
  4. According to Mr Delia our budget is commensurate to the third division. 
  5. Massive kitchens, full of expensive equipment. wonder how it was paid for?
  6. If Gunn is imposed on us against our wishes, you may as well light the blue touch paper. Patience is at zero level, one slip and there will be an extremely angry response.  I wont support Gunn as manager. He will fail.    
  7. The Charlton debacle proves beyond doubt Gunn isnt going to cut it. His peevish performance at the open day didnt exactly impress either. Gunn out.  
  8. And when she goes, we can all have the best Feck off party ever. 
  9. [quote user="ryan85k"] Delia out Munby out. Doncaster out. Gunn out. His cronies out. All loan players sent back. All out of contract players released. All players with value placed on the market. Every other player offered voluntary redundancy. Lets start afresh with Spillane, Martin, Daley, Smith, McDonald and Huckerby. Every single person that can be associated with the demise of this football club should be ashamed. Good riddance to anybody that leaves.   HEAR HEAR         [/quote]
  10. Im gladly taking back whats mine. 15% on all my tickets thank you. It would only be spent on kitchen equipment or paying some poxy creditor. Swivel on it Delia, i want my money back.  
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