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  1. He had to go to further his chances of an international call up...lol
  2. A cross between John Wark, Eric Gates and Alan Brazil
  3. Scoring from corners...... That brings back some memories!
  4. Good riddance to the headless chicken  - how he got player of the season above Clingan is beyond me
  5. Yep agree with that too, for a club which prides itself so much on its academy set up, etc the lack of youth players we have brought through in recent years is shocking. All I was saying though is some incredibly poor decisions on the playing front in that first half of the premier season cost us hugely and another season in the prem with the income it would have brought would have saved all this whats going on now  
  6. Totally agree with that, although Malky would have probably been a bit slow in the premier - he would have been a far better choice than Simon Charlton. I remember the 1st game against Palace when they got thier 1st corner thinking that we were in trouble. Dean Ashton should have been signed at the start of season and as much as Holt was a great player in the championship he was massively out of his depth in the Premier and it took Worthy over alf the season to notice it!
  7. Apparantly Paul Ince was seen down there yesterday - perhaps he''s involved!!
  8. I think she just wants the money back she has put in - trouble is her shares are pretty much worthless now so we are stuck with her...
  9. They can save some postage on sending me the begging letter, am claiming back every penny of the rebate - not giving that clueless lot any extra hard earned cash
  10. I bet there is nobody at all lined up - the blind leading the blind down there and we have now appointed a manager before the board has been sorted - Madness!
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