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  1. Mteeno


    Yer i think Wigan saw that two cus Hoolahan was fouled easily more times than another player on the pitch
  2. Mteeno

    We could be in big trouble

    easy lewie jees Surprise [:O]. financial problem are the main concern for the club ever since we got relegated getting players will be key to our success league 1 :)
  3. Mteeno


    He has the potential to be a very good player but at the moment he is not putting the effort abnd concentration in that is required sadly
  4. Mteeno

    what do fans really want

    i want Norwich to stay up!
  5. Mteeno

    VIDEO: New away kit

    no its alright i have to say it does look abit weak but i like it. nothing really goes well with green though.
  6. Mteeno

    Gunn Next Season??

    no hes a good player but he doesn''t know how to manage. he need to learn how to use his subs better.
  7. Mteeno


    we played well but i think we could have taken more chances.
  8. Mteeno

    Player of The Year

    i say lee croft but he hasn''t been playing to the best i think he could be.
  9. Mteeno

    New Away Shirt

    yer i don''t think we have the money to spend on a new kit they should be saving more on players. but if its nice then maybe ill buy it
  10. the lose today may be a wake up call the the club and hopefuly motivate the team to win!
  11. The referees have been almost always against us. at the watford game the ref might as well have been blind and then he could have made better decisionsAngry [:@].
  12. lol good plan now all we need is to get a fan to do this who has a good view and can sneak a camera into the stadium
  13. Mteeno

    why tomoro is vital

    if we win i think that it will give the whole team a huge moral boast and this may give us a fightin chance to stay up
  14. Mteeno

    The best thing about Lee?

    he a stong player on the ball with lots of pace and his determination to score is very high.
  15. why does everyone hate Jamie? i think hes still has some more to give to the club. Cody is a good player but he needs some more experience you can tell that he is not used to the pace of the first team games.