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  1. Whilst Nigel Worthington takes responsibility for Team Selection, Formation and Tactics; it is the 1st Team''s attitude and collective irresponsibility that is the root cause of the current poor performances; professional is an often mis-used term; being paid to do something doesn''t make someone professional - performing week in and week out with commitment, passion, being flexible, able to adapt are some of the criteria that I would apply; sadly most of the 1st Team couldn''t find these attributes. Consistently overpaid and underperforming; change the 1st Team for some of the Reserve/Academy players whose eagerness and enthusiasm could make up for lack of experience - Rossi Jarvis, Michael Spillane Robert Eagle, etc COME ON IN! Each and everytime the 1st Team cross the white line to start play it is their collective responsibility for whatever happens in the next 45+ minutes; injuries and suspensions affect only the availability of players. Certain Supporters are Footballers, Managers and Coaches; I am sure they would agree with my analogy of Crossing the White Line.  
  2. Charlie''s dad, please can you apply for the post of Academy/Reserve Team Reporter; you are always there, you are balanced and you always submit your copy ahead of local journalists who seem to pay scant regard to the Academy and/or Reserve side(s) especially if the results go against them. Given that we are not flush with money; the Academy & Reserves are our R & D and the best way for NCFC to make progress; are there any budding Defenders or Midfielders that might be worth a Benching on Saturday at Loftus Road? Keep up the good work; is Charlie a budding fledgling?
  3. Surely the criteria should be based on the progress and development of the 1st Team squad since we made the play-offs against Birmingham. The following Season we failed to make the play-offs! Throught the Huckerby Impact obtained promotion as Champions. Our 1st Season in the Premiership for 9 years and we are one of the worst sides ever to have graced that league and are subsequently relegated; probably the only side never to win an away game in the Premier League. This season, having felt sorry for themselves, or rather missing the Premier Wages more link our 1st Team squad perform spasmodically; are unlikely to make the play-offs this season; and will be off to pastures new in the summer. Compare the progress and development of the three promoted sides from last season; money helps but it really isn''t the ''Be-all'' and ''End-all'' that it has been made out to be. Some of our poor form will be down to Players attitudes and inabilities; however, fundamental flaws in Management and Coaching, and the supporting cast of the Coaching Staff suggest a change is required preferably before the January Transfer so a proper independent assessment can be made.            
  4. Melanie, you have far better judgement than the anti-Ian Henderson mob; on the few occasions Ian has played in his proper position he has scored goals; how many of us would perform as well if we were asked to do a job for which we are not necessarily ideally suited; despite doing our level best for the team? Like the moron whose tag line is for Ian to be playing for Dereham Town in 2007 - currently. Call themselves City Fans; openly slagging off ONE OF OUR OWN HOME GROWN TALENTS All power to yer elbow gel!  
  5. Weston Canary, if it wasn''t for the tubes of the female supporters there would be glass and no class! Unless of course you are a Test Tube Tyke! I come from a Family of Staunch Canary Supporters; considered to be part of my Norfolk Heritage; with equal Male & Female Support! More Mook! More Mook! More Mook!
  6. Googled Ken Wagstaffe and an article circa 1966 comes up with Ken Wagstaffe and Chris Chilton (Hull being 3rd Division Champions!)
  7. Simple, replace errant overpaid workshy 1st Team; with keen as mustard Reserve or Academy Player; leave 1st Teamer to rot in Reserves for month on Reserve pay. During month Home Match half-time place 1st Teamer in Stocks for ritual humiliation; pay back for Fans Ritual Humiliation watching 1st Teamer(s) inept Display(s)!  
  8. ADRIAN BOOTHROYD Even Worthy admitted it was a big mistake letting him go; compensation to Watford 1 to 2 Million; a good manager is worth much much more than any individual player.    
  9. It is refreshing to see Gazza the Great and Meeky having a constructive input; intuitive (female obviously) The symptoms of our once great team are being horribly exposed; up to the point of getting players in, on loan, free transfer or fee everything in the garden looks rosy. However, Colney must stand for ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE; because from Colney to Carra Rd; all has gone horribly wrong; Worthington, Folly and Liverless are taking us backwards; their inability to coach, coherse, manage, motivate etc. was clearly evident last season; comparison must be drawn with West Ham and Wigan in this season''s Premiership. I believe the current Manager, Coaches and Sport Trick Cyclist have reached their Nadir; they are the weakest link - Goodbye! Bring in Aidy Boothroyd; or promote David Williams from the Academy.
  10. http://www.leedsfans.org.uk/leeds/players/740.html Think this might give a clue!
  11. Given the need to change things round why not tinker with the back four and start with a Doherty/Shecks combo for starters possibly Mickey Spillane from the Reserves/Academy In the middle bring in Rossi Jarvis; did well against Inter Milan albeit in a friendly. Hopefully Deano will be fit; and a big up for Mckenzie. If the back four are more mobile, they can push up, the midfield likewise and we can pressure from our own half. Given the mediocrity of the 1st six games; something''s gotta give!
  12. Given the downers given to Lion King Mckenzie; let us all get behind him and big up for the Plymouth; Provided always Ashtom and Mckenzie are given enough ammo they will score goals!!!! If the midfield can sit a little further forward this will aid the cause better! With regard to the defence; please try the Doherty/Shackell combo; we have nothing to lose Mr Worthington; you are a good manager in terms of transfer dealings; it is the background staff whose advice on tactics and substitutions that need a complete overhaul! Replacement; Adrian Boothroyd ex Canary Academy; a mistake if ever there was one in letting him go; would have run the Reserves and probably been a WorthWhile number 2 to Nigel by now if only we had kept him on!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Malky Mackay''s contribution(s) in the Season(s) from reaching the Play-Off Final, just missing out the following season; and the Championship winning side; were the very reasons he wanted to stay; compare that to the non-contribution(s) (continuous sic)  of C Fleming whose contract was extended and no wonder Malky went. I am certain that had Phelgm walked, Malky stayed; with his contribution we would have survived in the Premiership; notice the touch of de je vu; one goal up and a certain central defender loses it and costs us two points! Not the whole reason I know; but a damn big slice of it!  
  14. Shouldn''t the head be revised to include: PUT PEN TO PAPER; TILL JUNE 2009
  15. Mr Worthington has publicly stated there are midfield alternatives; canny Management Lesson Worthy style - me thinks Francis will be hoisted on his own petard; ergo welcome to the bench and Reserves; given enough rope between himself and his agent; they will each have hung Francis out to dry!
  16. Fleming is a Fleming Liability; probably attributable for the loss of a number of defenders leaving not forgetting Andy Marshall. Season after season we sit deep inviting the opposition to come onto us; consequently we rely on counter attack as opposed to pressurising from midfield. Down to Flemm; reason why Worthy is chaffing at the bit for the defence to GET OUT! Fleming''s shortcomings; lack of leadership; ready to lose his head and blame all and sundry for mistakes OF HIS OWN MAKING; shirks responsibility; doesn''t have Malky''s ability to get in on set pieces; time to be put out to pasture; good servant in the past Flemming for the Bench at BEST  
  17. Since its move away from primarily a Sporting benefit to the community; Business Football has laid itself bare upon the alter of Mammon. Until such time as Footballers wages are capped relative to the League position; final table position; soccer will continue to shaft the erstwhile fan; an unfortunate sign of (Modern sic) times.  
  18. [quote]I have met Robert Green on quite a few occasions in the last year and he is a decent bloke. He has been in Norfolk since he was 16 and really appreciates the area and the people. I was at his Golf Da...[/quote] Nobby, Thank you for a balanced response; we owe Robert Green for keeping us in the old 1st Division; for getting to the Play-off Final, for almost getting into the Play-Offs the following year. Our Glorious Championship Season; and almost another season in the Prem; ideally Robert will be a key member of our Championship winning squad this coming season. However, if Robert moves to Arsenal (certain recent considerations being equal) I would not begrudge Greeno this opportunity.  
  19. Without wishing to re-write history; Malky bought organisation and leadership and was largely instrumental in NCFC reaching the play-offs in deed his form leading up to these, including GOALS provided the platform for potential success. In the last season''s Championship Run it was Malky and GOALS to the fore yet again; Phlegm was on a decline prior to the start of this season and his early season form was a good indicator for the STRUGGLE ahead; Phlegm has definitely been played on PAST FORM. I would like to see either Helveg/Charlton/Doherty given a run; can''t do any worse than -2 GOALS per game can we?
  20. Calamity Craig Fluster Phlegm strikes again; I remember a couple of seasons ago when Phlegm was injured and it was Malkay, Kenton and Drury; clean sheets; good link with midfield/forwards. Then back comes Phlegm.... This season Phlegm''s shortcomings have been cruely exposed, no leadership, organisation; and I believe has taken to Astronomy since he does so much looking up at the sky! I also notice that the Club/Team Captains roles and responsibilities are based on blaming others when all else fails! Roberts was a good servant, Malkay was a good servant; both were allowed to leave without kicking a ball in anger in the Premiership; Phlegm gets a two year extension....... Whatever happens, I think Phlegm must be shown the door at the end of this season; bring in Bromby and young Cave-Brown!
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