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  1. alnwick/forster semmy doherty askou drury mcveigh hughes lappin hoolahan holt whaley subs forster/rudd,nelson,martin,mcdonald,adeyemi,smith,cureton
  2. [quote user="lincoln canary"] Im sorry but i feel the need to rant about Norwich fans on this board. I know this is the place for opinions but some of the stuff that has been coming out on this bored since the season started has been embarrassing and completey stupid! 1. Sell Wes Hoolahan saga - firstly theres the fans who say he is crap. Now i personnally believe these fans are just so bitter that  he has not lived up to there own unrealistic expectations, because if they really think wes is a poor player they need their heads testing and do not have the first idea about football (smudger, cd mullins). Nearly every pre season pridictions by the so called experts have Hoolahan as our one to watch, and if they were so wrong they probally wouldnt be employed to do these things. Secondly the fans that are now booing him and slating him becuase he wants to leave?? urm... have i missed somthing? Because i have not seen one single quote from anybody including wes himself saying i want to leave. These fans have been so nieve to believe second rate press articles linking the player to other clubs to the extent they now think he doesnt want to be here. Last night i saw a Wes Hoolahan who worked his socks off, never gave the ball away and score a goal, looked pretty commited to me. Thirdly in this section are the fans that believe we should sell hoolahan and raise some funds for the manger to spend on new players. Well to start with the money we may well get for wes will not buy a player anywhere as good as him, and the next thing how many times have we sold players to never see the money re-invested on new players??? because in my 20 years of supporting this club it hasnt happened to often. 2. The slating of new players - this one really gets me worked up! how can fans slate players that have only been here a matter of weeks? do they want to completey destroy there confidence before we see any sort of form from them? I just cant believe it we already struggle to attract decent players because of our cities location, but add to that our current comical reputation and then the fact you get slated if you dont bag a hattrick on your debut. Just remember it takes a new player time to settle in to their new club, usually this can be hidden in a well organised already settled team, but when your new players make up the bloody first 11 its obviously going to take longer and bad performances will look more obvious. I have already seen playes such as Nelson, OTJ, Gill, Whaley dubbed as some of the worst players to wear the yellow and green, This is out of order. 3. The real weak links - Now anyone who can defend these two players needs to wake up and smell the coffee. I dont like player bashing but these two players that i will mention soon are really not up to the task for Norwich. One is commited but has no quality, the other has some quality but just is not commited. Both have cost us dearly since they have been at the club and it is no coincidence that our demise has continued and such an alarming rate with these two in the side. They were bth completely found out again last night. Doc & Semmy. To Be Continued.................   [/quote]agreed,wht i saw of reids goals was nobody was marking,nobody was helping out but reids chip was quality it would have been probarley saved in any other kind of shot from tht distance 
  3. alwick semmy askou spillane drury lappin russell hughes smith          holt daley subs rudd,doherty,adeyemi,mcveigh,hoolahan,cureton,mcdonald
  4. this could work with holt doing the flick on''s and platt using his pace and his muscle to get past defenders and put the ball in the back of the net its a bit what cody could do more often but maybe platts muscle would work better than cody because he hasnt got muscle like platt
  5. same as tuesday but if gill is not fit then adeyemi and hughes
  6. we should keep him,Alwick shows why he was picked on tuesday but we only have him for three months during that time he can get some reserve games and get some confidence and when we dont have Alwick then he can show what a better keeper he is
  7.                                                                                     theo                                           spillane              askou        doherty        drury                                           whaley               russell        adeyemi    hoolahan                                                                      holt           cody subs,alwick,nelson,lappin,hughes,gill,maric,cureton
  8. played really bad especially tudur jones his passing tackling  were poor,centre mid is were half of the goals come from,rusty is a norwich player still and has said he will still give 100p every game,tomi adeyemi came on showed he deserved to play.hughes why wnt he in the team or bench  three players tht deserve to be in front of gill and tudur jones and would make our mid so much better and is whenc i think we lacked on saturday
  9. gunn will make changes,got to,ive never seen football played tht bad 12 signing 6 in the team on sats who of them played well as wht i saw whaley was the best of them but really they were all bad ,worst for me was tudur jones
  10. [quote user="The Walking Man walking to Yeovil"]Stick, for what it''s I believe he''s not as bad as  his performance on Saturday, and it isn''t worth runing his Norwich career just yet by dropping him...[/quote] agree
  11. doherty has been given the armband for this season and says wearing it will make him a better player,gunn has chosen the right person for the armband  as he played very well last season as he got stuck in and is nt affraid to shout at the players which is something he needs to do to cureton and semmy
  12. brillant player,a strong defensive attacking player who give his all each week,he should have been player of the season,hes got everthing a great midfielder needs and kepted our team in made accasions but nt the need times, he would be brillant in leauge one,should be captain,and what a stupid post  as he is a great player      
  13. simon whaley is the sort of player we need nd i think he could do a gd job in leauge one,he can score goals,hes not affraid to shoot,set them up and has some  skill on the ball,four things which norwch need and he is nt valued high,he is  in the reigon of 300,000 which is still quite a lot for norwich but i  think its worth it  
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