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  1. its decided - players on west street see you all there..
  2. its decided - players on west street see you all there..
  3. Where are you all watching the game monday night? Im feeling a norwich fan gathering in a pub somewhere, get some atmosphere going. Nursery Tavern on ecclesall road anyone?
  4. [quote user="QUESTIONMARK"] A bit of a tease, i know, but.. Myself, my Dad, and my mate have somehow ended up with 5 tickets, when we clearly only need the three. I''ve offered them to a mate, but if he doesn''t fancy them then i''ll let you lot on here know. Will only be after face value for them too. Will keep you informed! [/quote] SHOTGUNNED!
  5. sweet anyone got an under 16 customer no. i can borrow? lol
  6. p.s. if there is two "over 16''s" would we require two "under 16s" on the application? or just the one thanks anyone who can help
  7. i may try that, just got to find an under 16 season ticket holder lol. dont think i know any!
  8. do you know if they have anymore left in the family area????????
  9. well if you dont ask...... never know there might be some kind person out there taking pity on me..
  10. Would love it if anyone fancied selling their ipswich ticket(s). ideally 2 next to each other would be good but single ones would be cool aswell. willing to pay slightly over the odds for them if you fancied making a cheeky profit!! Bassed in thorpe, willing to come pick them up from you email: cp.89@hotmail.co.uk Cheers
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