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  1. Excuse me if this seems to be a bit dim. Posters are saying that we should get rid of the high earners. I agree but how is it done? Can we say that player X is not wanted and put him on the transfer list,without having to pay him compensation or pay up his contract,or do we just have to hang around in the hope that someone comes in for him? I do not know how this works
  2. Some good stuff going down in this thread,interesting,intelligent ideas being bandied about. So far it, has not been polluted,nice to keep it that way. I like the idea by Baclay_boy, may not be feasible but at least possibilities are being discussed, maybe good publicty can be gained just by this ongoing thread.If the idea gathers steam and gets a way of getting the money together,then I will also be willing to contribute.[ promise it will not be Romanian currency] Keep up the good work all.
  3. I agree with the whole list Ryan85,but I don''t think that a single person on that list cares.Extra pennies all round for them to go. They haven''t cared all season,so why start now?
  4. What a spineless shower having the cheek to wear a Norwich City shirt,an utter disgrace for that garbage to be representing our club
  5. 2 Really good posts from Concerned_Scouse and Big Fella..Great and searching questions and brilliant answers.I wonder if the NCFC board and players will read those posts?I wonder if the NCFC board and players realise how badly the fans are hurting ,due to their failure to do their jobs?Are they,board and players, really giving their very best efforts to NCFC ? Big Fella finished by saying that the board hadn''t learnt anything in their time,I would also question whether  the NCFC board and players cared about how they are doing their jobs, or whether they care or even realise that the NCFC fans love their club.We are able to live and excuse failure,but apathy from the NCFC board and players is a hard pill to swallow
  6. Thanks for opening thread.I will only stay with you until the team is announced. Out here,we have a crappy volley-ball match live, theCanary game comes on at 9.30 your time, a bit of a quandry,so have decided to watch late "live" guess I will be cheering/swearing when you are leaving ground,kicking the cat,kissing the neighbour,whatever...Have a great night all of you..3 points please
  7. I am a member outside UK. I can only get to four or five games a season,I buy a Canary shirt each year. I would like to thank all season ticket holders,members, any one that buys tickets,articles from the club shop. You are all helping to keep NCFC alive,which gives me the chance to keep watching the Canaries,wherever. Thankyou all
  8.  Our season has been bad,but so have the referees,not only Canary games. Isn''t this supposed to be the big RESPECT the officials campaign season? I was always taught that one had to earn respect
  9. At least you people can either go to the game or listen to the radio,spare a thought for us poor nervous sods away from UK..Help us Pete,are you doing your match live link? BBC late,live text is rubbish
  10. The Stoke and Arsenal boys were not very friendly either,especially outside the ground
  11. keep up the info please people,BBC has fallen asleep out here
  12. Thanks for info 3x Blah and Nutty, buses are a bit of a problem re Easter get together, as I would need to change to house and cart after 4 or 5 days
  13. I return to Kings Lynn every year,end of January for just over a month. During that month, I take time out with my family, my friends and with NCFC.I usually get to 4 or 5 games,weather permitting. This has been my routine since 1998, this will continue with the Canaries playing whoever,wherever.Have been a Canary fan since late 60''s and will remain one
  14. Have just read your article with interest,thanks for putting it all together. This is the first time for me, that I have been able to see a picture, instead of little bits and pieces picked out at random,guess there will be many people that agree or disagree with your article, but at least a clearer picture has been painted
  15. Think that we may just get survival with a last gasp win at the Valley.we''ve had 3 rubbish games against them this season,surely the Canaries can really try to avoid more humiliation
  16. Will you be doing this next season,wherever we are, if so, how do I join the Freebet, what are the rules,can I use Eastern European football??? Thx.Gerry
  17. Have just been reading the columnists in the on-line Pinkun..Would like to say that the article from Tim Allman-Capital Canaries, really makes one appreciate what people are doing in support of NCFC,or in this case-FONCY. Well done Capital Canaries members
  18. I am sometimes able, if there is any coverage, to get a link via   Justin tv   out here in Romania,worth a try. Was able to watch England last night
  19. Thanks for welcome.Married a Romanian lady? was not a good experience.I moved to Romania she moved to UK.Lost a lot ,but health and sanity prevail..Skiing here is quite good,but Bulgaria is better and better value.
  20. Hi all..Signing in for first time on this forum,,have signed in a few times on Petes live matches.About me,have been a NCFC member since it started,not a season ticket member for obvious reasons..For past 10 years have been living in Romania and getting back to Kings Lynn every January/February. I am a West Norfolk Canary and usually get to 4/5 games in this period..I am one of the older brigade so have many memories of our fine club,and was one of the boys in blue in the 70''s linking arms to segregate the fans in the Barclay[interesting] Thanks for your forum space..Gerry
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