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  1. He''ll get goals alright, if I was centre back I''d hate to play against him.
  2. They have made some great singings... The scum were a tad excited by the Chopra signing. To me he appears nothing more then a Jamie Cureton style striker, as in he has three clear cut chances on goal he''ll only put one of them away. Cardiff had a fairly decent midfield over the past few seasons to provide him with chances, this is the only club he has experienced some form of success with in my opinion.
  3. Terrible track sounds really badly made, I find the ''Who Are Ya'' part especially cringeworthy.
  4. The Pie family, in the upper Barclay. The kids are like miniature walruses, to add to it they have a habit of taking the top of the pie their eating and drinking the filling as loud as possible.
  5. Reading hopefully even though I dislike cheats like Ian Harte. The Cardiff and Swansea fans started playing the Welsh card on 606, how the FA shows favouritism towards English clubs, crying at slightest bit of banter thrown in their direction and acted like a group of victims in general.
  6. What a complete load of mugs, paying £275 to sit and eat with a group of overpaid ego''s who got their team relegated.
  7. In fairness someone needs to stand up to FIFA they''re an absolute disgrace, the sooner it''s rid of corrupt dinosaurs like Blatter & co the better. I''m quite sure we''re not the only country who has issues with FIFA, I think Italy had a fall out with them not too long ago.
  8. [quote user="spencer 1970"]its gotta be Leftfield''s Planet phat (of Guiness ad fame for the oldies/non dance music folks out there) It would scare the life out of the opposition (and most of the Jarrold and N&P stands to boot. tick follow tock indeed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyBQKaaDWTs&feature=related[/quote] Great choice, you could always liven them up in the Jarrold and River End, by just putting a bit a plant food in their cocoa.
  9. [quote user="CambsCanary"]... in Suffolk, according to the Evening News. Obviously trying to get out of the place: "One of the stars of Norwich City’s promotion campaign been spared a driving ban after he was caught speeding at more than 100mph. Midfielder Henri Lansbury, who helped the Canaries secure promotion to the Premier League, was clocked speeding in Suffolk."[/quote] He was probably being chased by pitch fork welding mob, they probably thought the car was a steel dragon or something, remember they still use horse and carts in the land that time forgot.
  10. No I hope he remains the same, a lot of people are obsessed with charismatic managers who play the media, I''d rather have one who gets the results without drawing too much attention to themselves.
  11. He even played St Ledger in midfield a little while ago! There must be something sour behind the scenes. Trappatoni is by all means an excellent manager in the domestic leagues, but hasn''t set the world alight at an international level.
  12. As mentioned before the first eleven have a lot to offer still, I''d actually keep a lot of our players on the bench too. Cull off the squad players who aren''t getting the games and bring in some quality to create some fierce competition for places, it''s all about having strength in depth in any league.
  13. Yes his kept around 11 clean sheets or so. Not going to start pointing the finger at any player as they have been brilliant this season, but a lot of the 56 goals we''ve conceded have been down to sloppy marking and falling asleep when set pieces have been taken, there has only been half a dozen or so which Ruddy could of prevented.
  14. Not looking into this one too much, there has been some speculation about it, but are these the people who make the actual decision?
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