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  1. Unlucky guys very tough break for you today it really should of been yours at 3-1 up, just wasn''t to be. I think it really showed why the pair of us are where we are this season failure to defend, we really did show between us our best and worst sides today. Best of luck for the rest of the season. It''s not over til it''s over.
  2. To be fair I don''t think it''s mean''t to worry you, more an attempt to pump up the Palace fans who have been very quiet over the last two home games.
  3. [quote]howdi hi peops, palace fan here. just wanted to say that u''re goin down next season cos u''re crap and can''t even score away from home, let alone win. we will hammer you and put you back where you b...[/quote] It''s idiots like you that give fans a bad name. Were not all like this prat I can assure you. Palace fan
  4. Just wanted to say best of luck for Saturday. I''m looking forward to an enjoyable game and may the best team win. Unfortunately it looks as if the loser may be relegated though. Anyway best of luck
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