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  1. Can''t believe some of the comments on this thread by people who have no idea what happened. The Snakepit prior to his ''removal'' during the first half were quite keen to see him chucked out and were singing ''sit down shut up'' and ''cheerio'' as he made his way out, as he had got on everybodys tits for over half an hour.  From a distance, sure the stewards are going to look heavy handed and so are the old bill. Truth was, he''d rode his luck and was never going to make it until the second half. For those not in the know, and within hearing distance, he was a right pain in the arse. He couldnt hardly stand up, coudnt sing in tune, nor remember the words to most of the other songs. The ob and stewards certainly took their time dealing with this clown though.  And for what it''s worth, there were several different chants which were racist. Hopefully now, nobody will defend this baffon. Oh and i was spitting distance from him, so know what im sprouting on about.
  2. got a spare in the east stand , block a - face value £20 - email me , can meet and hand over before the reading game or sort out in the post -   mrhammy79@aol.com
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