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  1. [quote user="The Ginger Twins"] We have lived more life than any of you mugs. Ever since my dad brought me a chip shop in lowestoftt, i know the streets. [/quote]   Lived more life!!! You Pair of muppets!! When was u in the jungle Lungi getting shot at by the "westside boys" or was you with me in the middle of a mine field 2 miles off the coast of Iraq having to drag dead bodies out of the water from a helicopter crash??? No dont think so. So F%%K off you Ginger Pricks. I only know where you sit as there is a strong smell off cats piss and milk near me!! Nobbers!!!
  2. i still have the t shirt that said on loan to the first division for one season only, from the very first time we got relegated from the prem lol
  3. [quote user="Norwich74"]That was disspointing when i saw the headline Stop! i was expecting u to say HAMMER TIME [:D] [/quote]   ha ha. i was expecting more like  COLABERATE AND LISTEN (ICE ICE BABY)
  4. [quote user="mrdi"] There are several for me... in order of preference: 1. David Phillips - adaptable, good on either wing or as full back. Pacey, good distribution [could actually cross a ball] and scored [some cracking goals] regularly to boot. Those of you crying over Lee Croft should dig out some old videos and see how Phillips used to play... 2. Ian Culverhouse - Semi-concious has made me miss the days when we had Culvers at right-back. He could of course also play as a centre-back/sweeper too - though to be honest just a decent, consistent defence full-stop would be a dream right now.   3. Ian Crook - only Phil Mulryne has arguably come anywhere near Chippy on the creativity stakes since Crook finished as a player for us, in my opinion - and even then Mullers wasn''t even 10% the player Chippy was. However much we''ve been desperate for a creative midfielder the last few years, I''m not sure how much scope there will be for one in League One, however. 4. Ruel Fox - either on the wing or down the middle, Foxy would scare the life out of beefcake defenders in League One. [Just picture, if you can, Ruel Fox vs Doc in a one-on-one...] I wouldn''t be suprised if we need pace just as much (if not more) than we need big bruising attackers this coming season.   I would of said the same!! Still remember Phillips volley against Palace first year in the prem as if it was Yestereday   [/quote]
  5. hey guys, listen no hard feelings. We all say things we regret when we have had a few scoops (drinks). Yeah kind of look something like the pic ha ha. just learned that not only will there be 20 navy folk but 20 army and raf. So bang goes my chance of gitting Lupoli''s shirt. Still nothing hangs better on the wall than a fully signed City shirt from our Championship season. Christ that seems like i distant memory. Oh and no golden rivet ha ha 10yrs and it still not turned up!!  
  6. No doubt he is jealous as his girfriend lusts after real men!!
  7. well maybe if i get close to the Camera i will show my norwich tattoo! oh and as for the other comment! Get a life and start showing support to the guys and girls who risk coming home in a box, just so you can waste your life chavving it up.
  8. As you sometimes see at Carrow Road, there have servicemen and women out on the pitch to be applauded by the crowd. I have often sat in the Barclay thinking how come i cant get out there, specially as i travel from plymouth for home games. Well the Navy have been invited to attend all Play off finals next week, and finally i have been asked to attend in uniform. So on monday i will be in uniform on the Wembley pitch infront of all the fans of Burnley and Sheffield, And under my rig i will have my NCFC socks on and boxers ha ha!! Might even try and have a chat with Lupoli about the rodant
  9. [quote user="The Butler"] [quote user="Forces2Canaries"]In light of the numerous disastrous decisions and managerial appointments which have taken place at Norwich City Football Club over a prolonged period of time, which this last weekend has seen the relegation of OUR football club to the third tier of English football for the first time in 49 years, the Committee of the Forces2Canaries Supporters Group wishes to place on record that is has no reliance or belief in the current members of the Board. We are unable to support the Board, and feel unable to trust or have any belief in any decisions they make, for and on behalf of OUR football club. Whilst accepting that the Board have acted in a manner they considered to be the best for NCFC, it is abundantly clear that many mistakes have been made, which have been recurring and ruinous, and this can not be allowed to continue. The Committee of Forces2Canaries expects that the Board take urgent and decisive action, and are appalled at last evening’s statement which has done nothing but state the obvious. We expect changes of personnel within the boardroom, and until this takes place the Forces2Canaries Committee will be unable to support the members of the Board and their decision making. Furthermore, we believe any decision to appoint Bryan Gunn as First Team Manager, yet again goes to show the ineptitude and denial the members of the Board are under, as they will be rewarding failure and will be taking the easy option, in appointing a Manager with no previous experience, and who is still ‘cutting his teeth’ in football management. We will always support OUR football team, and whilst we may not agree with future managerial appointments, we will always support the manager and the players. The current Board are purely custodians of OUR football club, and we the Supporters will still be here long after they have moved on.[/quote] Spot on. Any chance of sending a gun boat? [/quote]I will sneak one up the Wensum ha ha. Sorry to be a ballache but its a ship.............ha ha. Submarines are boats!!!!!
  10. [quote user="Irish canary"][quote user="ACE"]The Gimps?  Then we could shout "bring out the gimps"...... [quote user="Dogger in Div 1"] I''m sick of fans taking the p**s out of our nickname, we don''t sound very brave do we? We need to change it to something a bit more manly, it will be a start, anyone agree? [/quote][/quote]   brilliant, We have a winner!! Bring out the gimps, The gimps asleep!! so true [/quote]Then wake his ass up!!!
  11. I actually met the guy the evening he was in the EDP. He did have a first meeting with the board. I met him in the Gatehouse pub as a close friend of his sings and plays Guitar in there sat nights. He did not speak highly Of Deliah, and when he got up sing he actaully asked if anyone fancied a game for norwich!! (not best scouting skills ha ha) I then added him on facebook and we spoke a few times and he was gutted that things did not go well with the club.
  12. Might get some stick here. Not going to say yes and resign to the fact that my team has let me down again, but good old norwich blah blah blah blah. And like Hucks has said it might get worse before it gets better! And We are not certain for promotion. But what i am excited about is what lies install, as in we all know a massive shakedown from top to bottom is needed, and the sooner the better.
  13. Great post. Hope You dont mind but put it on my Facebook profile.
  14. getting thrashed by the scum years back was not a good day either
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