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  1. First of all, Happy New Year to you all!! With Newcastle now looking for a new manager and having many French players, there is talk that there are looking at Christophe Galtier of St Etienne. Now if this was to happen I wonder where that leaves the deal involving Ricky?   Sorry if this is mentioned elsewhere but got a thumping headache so not scrolled through many posts!
  2. Snap!! I am staying up in Chester working at the moment! I called the Derby box office at 9am to see if I could buy a ticket on the door. Finished my breakfast and made my way over!! I got to the ground and I could hear the crowd! Went onto my sky sports App then seen it was a 12:15 kick off!! so got back in my car and headed off!! Then it dawned on me.... I could of just stayed in my hotel room and watched it on the TV!! Gutted is not the word!!
  3. Finally people are making sense! I am not going to slate a city player, but some supporters opinions of Hooper is crazy! Yeah he has scored goals in this league once before, but that does not mean he will do it again. You only have to look at Torres! banging them in for fun at Liverpool, then once at Chelsea he cant even buy a goal. Personaly I was gutted when we let the wolf as I would of liked to of seen what he could of done in this league. But the lads we have bought in and the way they are performing at the moment I think even a fully fit Hooper would struggle to get in the team.
  4. Yeah little Ole Norwich, getting a really good return on an average winger with a year left on his contract!! We will be much better going coward without snodgrass!!
  5. With Pilks, Redmond, Benno and the Murphy twins still at the club, do we need a replacement?
  6. Latest updates on Sky is that he has passed his medical! Disagree with you slightly cat, as I think money would be better spent in defense and maybe an AM rather than a winger! as we have Pliks, Benno and the twins!  
  7. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]Read between the lines Highland. Us who watched the games last season could see that in some part, Snodgrass was statistically our most effective player because he was greedy which had a knock on effect on the likes of RVW. Obviously it''s not all as black and white as that but we see it as Snoddy not being as good as his stats say and RvW being better than his stats say. If RvW can bang a hattrick past Lazio and co, what''s to say he won''t against Brentford, Ipswich and Rotherham? Football is unpredictable.[/quote]     Spot on Jimmy!
  8. Wow! It''s a good day that our POTS is going but great news that our failed £8.5m striker is staying! And no it;s not down to chances because he missed an absolute hatful last year. Buy yourself last seasons review & watch. Championship is even more physical, what makes people think he''ll be any better there? Strange....   After giving the DVD a look I did notice our "flop" being denied by some great goalkeeping, being isolated, greedy wingers, bad balls! Granted he still needs to improve, but alot of it is due to his confidence being shot to bits! The DVD also shows our POTS (not voted for by me) Stealing the ball off our "flop" for a pen (that he scuffed), failing to clear the 1st man on many corners, falling over at every oppertunity and  slowing the play down by cutting back onto his left!   I am just saying we have not seen much from Ricky, and what we have seen is far from his best! So for me IF he stays its a good thing. As for Snodgrass it will not be the end of the world (far from it) if he leaves, and IF we are getting 6-8m for him, then its a shrewd bit of business
  9. We are more than fine on the wings with Pilkington, Redmond, Benno, and the murphy twins. that''s more depth and skill than most in the championship. the money needs to be (and should be) put in to a CB and a player to fit the "hole"     ^^^^^^^This^^^^^^   Plus, Talks of a fee between 6-8m for a winger who has no pace, cant beat his man, and cant take a corner, who is in his last year of his contract is an amazing bit of business from Mcnally!!
  10. This day keeps getting better!! First off I get a buckshee day off. Then it looks like Snodgrass is taking his poor corners up to Hull for silly money. Now Ricky is making all the right noises!! Now all we need now is Fer and Olsson to stay!  OTBC!!!!!
  11. is it so bad ?   Nope!! far from it! Overrated!
  12. Hi again, still on the look out for the above. hoping someone could help me out.
  13. Hi all.. Does anybody have an away Asics shirt in large they wish to sell?  If you do please inbox me. Also just read the line up for today and think it looks good! Just gutted I can not be at FCR today!! Anyway thanks in advance...OTBC!!
  14. Well.... it''s hard to say really. BUT if you or anyone out there are willing to sell then PM me with a price!! I am just sooo gutted as I have been lucky enough to of been a season ticket holder since the mid 80''s, and both my dad and I have had every shirt, both home and away since then!! but can I find either of the Asics shirts??? can I heck!!
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