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  1. I too would like the guy to be given another season ... no-one can deny that a fully fit Carl Cort would be a real asset to the club. I guess the question remains as to whether the fella''s knee is ever going to be be stable enough to let him have one final crack at it ... but let''s hope with a good, injury-free pre-season behind him it will. Some have moaned of his lack of mobility but, in difficult circumstances (and whilst carrying another injury we now learn), I think he''s done a decent job for us.   the one problem is when was the last time carl cort was fully fit for a long period (3months + ) i would hazard a guess it would been the year you was in the premier and wolves was in their first season in this league again! if its on pay as you play deal then fair enough you cant lose really. But personally i wouldnt be offering him even a year deal
  2. would have been nice match to watch mind you. i personally rather watch your derby than premier match, but then im in the minority
  3. as an outsider view, im not to fussed about this game. Norwich are on a week later vs Reading and you could potentially be on 3 weeks in a row if your own tele on the last day of the season and vs ipswich for the neutral sheffutd v burnley is more attractive match than a relegation candidate vs average dull midtable side (as the championships choice match) and obviously the spurs v newcastle 1.30 ko on sky sports will attract more viewers than ipswich v norwich
  4. Sick Note injured again. No real shock there. Ditch him, he done his job for few games for you!
  5. [quote user="The Lord"]This is ripped from a palace forum, but there''s a few decent players out there.....what is interesting a few palace fans wanted cureton to be signed! I searched the site transfermarkt.co.uk, it''s not really up to date and a google search shows which players renewed their contracts. The ones I think that didn''t renew their contracts are: D: Steven Caldwell, Darren Purse, Damion Stewart, Jay DeMerit, Rob Kozluk, Alex Bruce, Dennis Souza, Gabor Gyepes, Liam Fontaine M: Mehdi Nafti, Andrea Orlandi, Liam Miller, Jordi Lopez, Martin Rowlands, Gavin Mahon, Mark Fotheringham, Lee Croft F: Leroy Lita, Gary Taylor-Fletcher, Bradley WP, Michael Mifsud, Steve Kabba, Neil Mellor, Jamie Cureton, Danny Webber [/quote]   one''s highlight in orange above are the players i think would be useful additons to Norwich squad if you were to stay in this league. also maybe look at players of teams who are promoted? i mean andy keogh unlikely to get a look in next season with us (if we go up) sam vokes will go out on loan,elokobi maybe sent out on loan also birmingham likes of jerome, phillips, mcsheffrey, taylor would most likely not be needed etc...
  6. [quote user="rjwc22"] Have always rated Steve Kabba too.  Think he has huge potential.   [/quote]   He not really cut it at Oldham on Loan
  7. Charlton would be the only candidates in my opinion to go into adminstration this season   surely even if the others are in financial trouble they will surpass the deadline, then go into adminstration in hope they stay up yet have their -10 pts next season
  8. Good chance to pocket some cash on some of these international weeks, Germany is my choice
  9. http://www.c-f-1.com/form.aspx?formID=159691 The link above,  is a link to Birmingham City''s vote for Entrance Music next season we along with several other clubs have selected the ever so good "other" section and our choice for walk on music is ..................................... "The Birdie Song " by The Tweets   Spread the word far and wide people!
  10. I''ve had this deleted once so I''ll attempt to re-phrase it. I''ve heard on the grapevine that the actual reason he wasn''t signed was not for a convential football injury but something else the medical picked up Glasgow Rangers striker Alan Gow’s transfer to Wolves is off after he failed his medical. Wolves boss Mick McCarthy revealed a “biomechanical” problem had prevented the transfer from Rangers going through. But he stressed it was “not serious” and hasn’t ruled out signing the 26-year-old in the summer, when the problem is sorted out. Biomechanical relates to the skeleton. Following stringent tests from the Wolves medical team, the club have put the deal on ice. McCarthy said: “He can continue to play Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday, Tuesday – it’s a biomechanical thing that he will get sorted.” A fee of £250,000 had been agreed between the clubs and the 26-year-old had also sealed a two and a half year contract, pending the medical. McCarthy reckons the exact nature of the problem would have to be revealed by the player or Rangers. He said: “He’s gone back to Rangers. He’s had an extensive medical but something’s been found that we’re not completely happy with. He’s gone back to have it checked out. “It’s not really serious and it’s something that can be sorted out, but we’re not going ahead with the deal on the strength of it. It’s really the fact that our medical team were really thorough. “We had agreed everything and we were really looking forward to having him, but we’re not going to take him at the moment. Not in this window.” McCarthy believes the minor nature of the problem meant Gow could carry on playing, as he had just reeled off 17 appearances for Blackpool on loan. The Wolves boss said: “He could carry on playing tomorrow.”
  11.   http://www.expressandstar.com/2009/01/09/wolves-signing-of-gow-collapses/ some details of why he failed medical are in the link above basically to sum it up quickly, the problem is long term problem which which flare up a few years down the line, but it wont effect him playing or to the his current standard until a couple years.
  12. [quote user="MCWILL"]yh was great we had a chav throw orange juice at our coach :P best brum can do :L[/quote] sounds about right, you all moan about wolves on here, but i unsure you the times have changed and birmingham & coventry have the chaviest school kids trying to be "hard" in the midlands nowdays
  13. [quote user="Camuldonum"] It is possible, I believe, and I have supported two clubs financially for many years which goes back to my childhood. The first pro game I saw was Wolves in their heyday and while they were then a great team I felt no attachment to them although I admired the team.  The first local pro side was Colchester and I instantly felt differently about it - whether it was the tiny ground or the corrugated iron flapping in the wind I cannot say.  It seemed much more "against the odds" but the atmosphere seemed much more personal as well. I had many happy holidays in Lincoln with grandparents both of whom were lifelong fans of the mighty Imps and once again I got hooked on that team and I suppose their enthusiasm in all weathers was infectious. Or perhaps I just naturally gravitate to underdogs.............or just that times were different.  Lincoln''s keeper used to arrive on his bike for home games.  4x4 was just a measurement.[:|] Neither club have been particularly successful so I have never progressed beyond the grass roots stuff really.   [/quote] good lad
  14. football fans are fickle and forgetful if alan lee pops up with a late goal somewhere the fans wont think twice about chanting for him the only problem is if lee gets off to poor start people will get on his back after 1-2games saying ex-ipswich he''s here to send us down nonsense. end of the day the player is obviously just trying to make a living.    
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