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  1. Odd how we are the only game, it is listed on unibet through wiziwig though.
  2. 5 million isn''t anywhere near enough, especially when you consider stoke are direct rivals in the bottom half of the league.
  3. Underwhelmed by a 19 year old, capped at U21 level, made over 60 appearances in the championship, and widely regarded as one of the top prospects in the country. All for £2 million cash down. Steal of the century the brummies are livid when you look at the money paid for Zaha and about to be paid for ince, its pocket money.
  4. Ince is further ahead in his development than Redmond as he is two years older, but don''t think there is much in it. Both could go onto play full internationals. Which one will develop into the better player it is hard to say, but with Hughton at the helm, the coach who gave Nathan his break, and will undoubtedly know his strengths and weaknesses already i think we have by far the better value.
  5. The fact that he hasn''t signed already for Chelsea suggests we are still in with a shout. Presumably the transfer fee and contract offer are all sewn up, and all is left is for him to make his mark. But clearly he hasn''t. The longer this goes on the more chance we have i would say.
  6. Hahah Honda joining us that''s laughable. Wake up Boys.
  7. Wouldn''t think this was a group of ,mostly, blokes talking about football. You all drink like fairies.
  8. I will remember that header away at pompey, no more than 20 yards in line from where i stood, till the day i die. Good luck Simeon.
  9. If mignolet is going for 10m, surely even the fact Ruddy is English makes him worth 15m, not even considering that Ruddy is a far superior keeper.
  10. The bloke is class, that''s why he will be a massive signing. They must be paying outrageous money as he really should be playing for a team qualifying for European football.
  11. Massive signing for them, only 23 and played 17 times for Croatia, fee of £6.8m apparently, think they will be splashing silly money this season.
  12. Utter tosh, how much did you know about Toivonen before last week. Nothing wrong with being honest and saying you will take time in your decision, i''m sure if you were offered a New job that could impact your life, moving countries, you would want time to consider. So what that, when the Mighty European heavy weights NCFC came knocking he didn''t jump at the bit to sign and train at our world class training facilities. A lot of this poor attitude accusations comes from twitter via PSV fans, the clue is right there. They''re not happy with him because he wants to leave, we saw this with Snodgrass, Howson and Johnson. As soon as they were off they were useless.
  13. Huddlestone could be that rock in the DM position, while being able to distribute the ball with more accuracy than Tettey and Johnson. Imo if we were to sign him and he stays fit we should be looking at top 10.
  14. Agents couldn''t give two monkeys about where a player ends up, they will tout their player wherever the transfer fee will be highest and such there fee the highest.
  15. Players like Holt, Suarez and perhaps Toivonen are players that opposition fans love to hate, and that is a good thing, as this players are usually adored by their own fans for the very reasons the opposition hate them. Would be a fantastic signing at less than 5 million, Seeing as last year he would of cost double.
  16. Undoubted quality, should be going to a team at least playing in Europe. You have to question his motives and attitudes turning down AC and Inter for Villa, for him to chose a struggling Villa over two of the most renowned teams in the world they must be offering silly money, a Villa policy that was supposed to coming to and end with the likes of Bent, Given, Ireland and like being shown the door.
  17. Big screens are tosh, they just look awful. aesthetically. The fact the have those two massive bastartd screen behind the goals at Wembley make me sick.
  18. Davies and Birdcutt from the championship. Then some attacking flair from the continent Van Ginkel would be top of my list.
  19. As someone who has been coached by Neil, his coaching methods and application are second to none, now it seems he is tactically very sound, would be surprised if he didn''t make the step up to management with us or someone else.
  20. Think about it when were getting gates of 16k and a capacity of what 23k it took time to increase attendances, and a promotion, but there was capacity so that we could offer cheap deals and get more supporters hooked. Sure if we went to 33-35k there would be games where there was plenty of spare tickets but that gives the club an opportunity to repeat the process that started 15 or so years ago, and build to a stage where we are selling out 35k every game in the premiership. We are reaping the benefits now of our fan base that grew in the late 90s-mid 2000s, without it we may of gone bust when we went down to league one.
  21. Less than 10 Euros to stand at Dortmund league games. Same for most of the teams. No wonder why football is doing well its fucking accessible, how did it go so wrong here. For the price of 4 tickets vs the big 4 at pretty much an English ground you could get a season ticket for most German clubs. But you do have to remember Germany has just had a world cup providing clubs with lots of investment without having to dip into their own pockets. Interestingly if tickets were £10 here how many do you think we could pull, must be 40k.
  22. No question on his day tarabt, is up there with the best and champions league quality, when he''s not at the races because of his poor attitude and work rate (although improving) he might aswell be a sunday pub player.
  23. seems like good value, but we are no longer shopping bargain basement, maybe we should fill the squad places with a bit more quality. 1.5M to a championship club would be a steal, would get 15+ i reckon.
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