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  1. Its just something I heard. Probably is a load of bollocks.
  2. Hull were expecting a bigger offer from Wolves for Stephen Hunt after rejecting their 5 Million offer. In case of losing Hunt, Hull went after Hoolahan and he went on his way to Hull for a medical but Hull decided not to sign Hoolahan because there seemed like there wasn''t going to be an improved offer for Hunt. Just something I heard from someone might be rubbish. Glad we kept him though!
  3. He was rubbish but he must have wanted the ground to open up and swallow him.
  4. Does anyone think we should affiliate with Dartford? I believe it would be good for both clubs.
  5. He''s been released by Leicester and is capped by Australia. I dont know if hes worth a shot.
  6. [quote user="newyorkcanary"]Bitch?  Spiteful?  Non-League?  I think you might have crossed that border into senility.  Sure, you might not like the appointment, but what was the point of your post?  Your views on Gunn and Delia were already well known.  Pathetic.[/quote] Its because your in New York mate you know nothing
  7. I think nows the time haha
  8. [quote user="Loan City Fc "]Never was a legend just an average keeper who gained a lot of sympathy and has been playing on it ever since. [/quote] He was not an ''Average Goalkeeper''  he was far from it although i do not agree with him being manager
  9. [quote user="Lakey"]Let''s face facts, there is nothing you or I can do about the appointment so let''s just get behind Gunny and the team for next season.. if things then go tits up, that''s when all the shouting, moaning and protesting that we all do so well really should begin! I''m sure there are plenty of people out there who agree with me but if i wrote this in one of the many, many Gunn threads it would probably get missed. Come on lads & lasses, let''s be having ya'' ;) [/quote] Go Away From A Disgraced Fan
  10. Now we have learnt of the recent shock. Will any of us fans be going???
  11. An abosultely ludicis desicion. DELIA and Co Out Now!!!
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