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  1. Thank you very much for your support - I''m on it!!!!!!!
  2. Excuse me for being passionate about Norwich City FC and new to the Board.
  3. And by the way I am female and attend games with my husband and family!
  4. Please respect my opinion. I am an avid Norwich away fan. I don''t make the home games as I live in the Midlands and work a lot. Support away from home in hte Midlands is vast and crucial to Norwich on away days. I do like Delia and see what she has done, but believe that more funding is necessary.
  5. I am an away fan based in the Midlands. There are a lot of away fans based around here - it is tough for any Norwich City away fan who travels to games.
  6. Fair play - thank you very muchh. I am not a smudger and I have the best interests of the team at heart. I hate the Scum!
  7. I am an away fan and a new poster and all I am asking is respect for my point of view. I agree with you all and I understand that most of you do agree problems with the Board. This is not an easy problem to solve but maybe one day they will listen!
  8. That is all that concerns me too. we need to keep Norwich up. That is why I am posting so much today. I know I am probably annoying people, but these are my first posts and I feel passionately about Norwich City. Good result today. We need to keep going and look to the future.
  9. We need to keep things positive - I understand that, but a few years ago under Worthy we did great things. Something has changed. I know Worthy has been and gone, and we need to revert back to those days.
  10. I don''t hate Delia at all and don''t mean to be contraversial but we have had so many managers now who have failed and maybe it''s time we did look at the Board.
  11. She knew she would make money to support her catering business!!! I am a Norwich fan, but an away fan and to be honest we only sing when we are winning!!!!! No wonder we are where we are in the league when Delia is loading her pockets at the same time she knows she will still be doing that in League One!! Come on you yellows. We''ve got our pride and stuff Delia!!!!
  12. OK so there has been 18,000 season ticket holders renewed their membership next year already. Delia is obviously going to make some serious cash out of this. We need to stay up!!! Season ticket holders do not want to be paying membership for a dvision below!!!! We can stay up but need some work. Come on Delia get your money out! What do you think?
  13. OK so I''m a girl. What do I know about football? Loads actually. Great result today - out of relegation finally!! The problem will always be the Board. Loyal fans pack Carrow Road every week. Where does our money go? Brian Gunn is doing a good job - keep him in. When is Delia finally going to part with her cash and put money into the team. Mooney seems to be a good signing. Let''s get James Corden in to give us a team talk and boost morale as he did with the Ebgland Team last night on Comic Relief LOL. Maybe he will join the Pink Un.
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