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  1. I thought Holt was fantastic today. He''s scoring goals again, confidence is back, did not stop trying. Thought Wessi was good as well, he does give the ball away rather stupidly, and it would do him good to be more decisive, but there''s no doubt he brings something fresh to the table. Tetty looks like he is going to be a great player for us, thought Pilkington looked great when he came on...Was very pleased to see Benett back as well. We lost, heavily, again, and I do think ol'' Chris needs to take a lot of the blame. But we were playing the champions of Europe....This could be a turnaround. Or we could just be f*****
  2. I think last year we looked very gung ho and as a result of that, very weak of the back. Under the new manager we seem to be playing the same kind of attractive passing football that we like to see from Norwich, but more controlled, more disciplined and yeah as the OP said better. Luck IS a major factor in sport, and we just haven''t been getting the rub of the green....An awful decision against QPR, Two Goalkeepers having very good days at Spurs and against West Ham. I know everyone is against comparing last season to this season, but if I remember rightly, four games in we had 2 points (compared to 3 this year) against similar opposition. Keep the faith and we will be fine. We are playing good football in the premiership and we are due a win.
  3. Hey Mikewalker, sorry man don''t know what is with my phone aye.....I actually hooked up with someone on couchsurfing (Thanks Who let the fox out, my account was getting rusty)...not meeting up with her for a couple of hours so I might try find the Bell, and holla out a pink un name....maybe this message is pointless...perhaps. Thanks so much though mate :)
  4. Hey guys, I''ll get straight to the point, and you can read the reasons why underneath if you feel so inclined :) I am looking for a place to crash tomorrow night in Norwich. I cannae afford a ticket to the match, but I was hoping to watch the game in a pub somewhere. My name is Sam and my number is 07907147828. Now, for the reasons! Basically I moved over to this part of the world from New Zealand, about a year and a half ago. I was planning on living in Norwich for a while (My father is from that area, so I was raised a Norwich fan)... That never happened though...I met an Irish chickie down in London, and we ended up going over to the old country. She''s in France now, and I''m going over when my new passport arrives which should be any day now. I''m staying with a mate down in this god forsaken now of Ipswich. So...I''m hitching up to Norwich tomorrow and will spend the day busking and having a look around the city. Like I said, I cannae afford a ticket on a busker''s wage anyway, but if someone has a spare couch (I got a sleeping bag), I can shout a couple of beers. So me number is there if you want to contact. I don''t know Norwich at all, but someone suggested I busk near the markets. I''ll be the tall guy with curly hair, playing the mandola (which for those who don''t know, kinda looks like a mini guitar)... Brilliant, thanks and peace. Sam P.S To the moderator, this message is above all an appreciation for Norwich City football club. I would appreciate if it was left on this forum, where it has more of a chance of being read. Thank you :)
  5. ''Premiership, you''re havin'' a laugh''..... ''Championship you''re havin a laugh''.... Classic. OTBC
  6. Hi, I love down in Ipswich. Radio Norfolk works fine on the computer, but as soon as the game is about to kick off, suddenly: it won''t let me any more! No luck..... Any words of wisdoms from any wise beaks?
  7. I would say around the beginning of May. I don''t know how long I will stay in England though, as I''m aching to see how Belfast has changed.
  8. Auckland, New Zealand. (Thank god it''s almost over)Born In Belfast, Northern Ireland. Moved to Norwich when I was 11 and had to endure several rather difficult years of High School in Ipswich (Irish Norwich Supporter? Not much fun)Looking forward to the return.
  9. A very good friend of mine was able to quit smoking fairly easily, using the following method:Bought a pouch of tobacco, papers, filters and some matches.Went outside onto the main street, walked down it till he saw a homeless guy, who asked him for a fag.Gave the homeless guy the tobacco, papers, filters and matches, walked off and never smoked again.I myself contemplated this method and did the same thing. Was in the process of handing over my cigarettes, then got freaked out and ran away with the man on the side of the road holding out his hand.I felt like a dick for at least a week.
  10. Four quid equates to about 12 dollars usually (about 8.50 at the moment) Which is approximately the money I spend on food each week.Is Jon the person I need to contact to join such a union?Won''t be long till I can see the yellows playing in the flesh once more.
  11. Would anybody be so kind as to pop the goals up on the Tube?  I am exiled in New Zealand (Thank God, not for much longer) and my salary can hardly warrant signing up to Canaries World.  Thanks :)
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