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  1. Fair report (as usual) Leeds ''won'' the first half and were much the better team. We ''won'' the second half and in that respect a draw was about right if you were a neutral. Shame we didn''t nick it in the end. Grayson was obviously worried and kept slowing the games down with subs. I agree about the ref - he let the game flow and was right on most decisions (for and against).
  2. Have to agree with Nexus. Holt is an excellent player/leader and I love his never-say-die attitude. I just wish Lambert would take him to one side and ask him to concentrate on winning the ball rather then trying to win a free kick every time he goes up for a high one. I''m not sure his constant moaning at the refs and linesmen does us any favours either. I say that as constructive criticism because I think he would win more headers, create more chances and still win as many free kicks as he does now if he concentrated on his game. Maybe it''s something to do with the responsibility of being captain. He looked out of sorts today once the ref had a word with him after about 5-10 minutes and I don''t think he recovered from it when he realised the ref wasn''t going to give much his way.
  3. I think Ward is an odd fish. His tackling and positional play can be excellent, as can his first touch. However, his distribution can be really poor sometimes and this was especially evident today. There was one really high ball he controlled with a lovely deft touch on the edge of their area which he then proceeded to pass straight to a Burnley player. Time and again he (and Barnett) hoofed the ball up the field towards Holt rather than looking for a wide player. I like his attitude and he strikes me as a natural captain (if Holt if out for any reason), it''s just that his tactical decisions and distribution leave a bit to be desired.
  4. [quote user="Shack Attack"]Why not just stop? Look around at the various places where fans discuss the game these and all you see is people moaning about the state of the game. Inflated wages, arrogant players, billionaire owners, overpriced ticket and merchandise, Sky, FIFA, UEFA and so on and so on. Nobody seems happy. It''s like we''re stuck in a loveless marriage, staying together for the sake of the kids whilst endlessley sniping at each other. Occasionally we''ll spot a glimpse of what it was that made us fall in love in the first place but moments like that are getting rarer and rarer. Portsmouth are a victim of the bloated nature of the game in this country but every fan of every club has played their part in pushing football in this direction. We''ve allowed the people who run the game and their cronies in the media to brainwash us into believing what we must do to be a loyal fan. We''ve bought into this ridiculous notion that ''football is not a matter of life and death....it''s much more important than that". We''re incapable of taking a step back and looking at where this is heading because to miss just one minute of one match would make us disloyal. They''ve got us right where they want us and we''ve hardly put up a fight at all. Football is f*cked. I think I''ve had enough. [/quote] It''s a good point Mr Shack. I think this whole Pompey thing is more to do with brinkmanship, property deals, tax evasion and (possibly) money-laundering rather than football. Conversely, it''s symptomatic of the average football fan though that we don''t care where the money comes from if the team is doing well. Should we give it all up? I don''t know but I''m about to head off to Carrow Road as I''m addicted to it like everyone else...
  5. There''s a simple answer: I forgot to wear my lucky match-day socks yesterday. Must remember them for Tuesday...
  6. I see the NCISA website has been updated so in case anyone was wondering what The Butler''s real name is: _____________ Chris Wright(Acting Chairman) First game January 1959 (guess the opposition!) and continued smitten ever since. Have been fortunate to be closely involved with the club over many years and through many regimes. Favourite player of all times the legendary Barry Butler. Joined NCISA as I believe that the supporters sometimes need a unified voice both in good and bad times. _____________
  7. 3 replies and no answer to another simple question - what''s the name of the new NCISA chairman? He might make a fine chairman but I''ve no idea which one of the committee members he is. No wonder people get fed up.
  8. >It must be ...open to constructive criticism Judging by The Butler''s defensive replies on this thread to some pretty simple questions I''m not holding my breath. Out of interest (and for the 99% of people on here who are not NCISA members) what is the real name of "The Butler"?
  9. >It appears to be a consistent theme with NCISA that they struggle to handle any criticism - even when that criticism is given to help them open up more to prospective new members and attract them to the organisation, instead of alienating them. Nail. Head. Don''t often say that about Smudger''s posts.
  10. So we''re only allowed to ask questions about NCISA if we''re doing badly?
  11. Davo makes a good point. It seems from Butler''s replies that the committee will simply anoint a successor from amongst their number, ask for a seconder and that''s that for another year. As Davo says, I can see why you might do that but it could also be the reason why no nominations have been received.
  12. >I agree partly with this but I would certainly have wanted to see some commitment from anybody before voting them as chairman New blood maybe but unknown quantity also! ___ That''s true - any candidate would have to set out their vision to the members and why he/she thought that being outside of the current committee was not a hinderance. Sounds almost like, er, a democratic process!
  13. I agree that someone having a bit of experience of being on the committee before becoming Chairman is probably the ideal solution. However, sometimes a completely fresh face might be the answer and someone might well have fancied having a go as Chairman if they had known in advance that the position was up for election. The fact that Mr Tilson in particular was not going to be on the committee anymore might also make volunteering a more attractive propostion to some outsiders! I guess we''ll never know - unless the committee decide to use their power of "as they see fit" to run a fresh election open to all members.
  14. Butler - thanks for the reply. It is appreciated and I agree that NCISA could potentially be an important voice for fans now that the SCG is gone. I''m not ''stirring the pot'', I''m asking an open question about the procedure of the group that likes to be seen as the main ''independent'' voice of NCFC fans, whether they are members or not. As NCISA says it speaks on my behalf I don''t see the problem in asking a few questions about the make-up of the organisation. I think it''s fair to say that you haven''t received any nominations because (rightly or wrongly) people perceive it to be a closed shop with Mr Tilson in situ for as long as he liked. Don''t you agree that you might have had a few nominations if Mr Tilson had announced his intention to step down earlier? If, as Face suggests, this was known for a year then it might have meant a few new people joining up 3 months in advance of the AGM to make themselves eligible. I''ve sat on committees before and I know how hard it is to get people involved (and what a thankless task it can be). Perhaps no-one would have come forward. However, the committee has not given all NCFC fans much time to think about it and now the constitution seems to suggest that no election can take place anyway. I''ll be interested to hear what the committee "sees fit" to do.
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