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  1. Brilliant idea if you ask me, finance permitting. Of course, money will be needed to take out the seats, install safe standing areas and barriers. But on the other hand, this will allow more people into the same space, and since terracing adds to the atmosphere I''d be willing to say more casual fans and those without season tickets would want to make more games for the added atmosphere. And since more people could occupy the same area, we may even see a reduction in ticket prices (hopefully!) and the club could still take in more cash. Many people have been discussing cheaper tickets too, so its good all round it seems. Then again, I know nothing about how much any of this would cost, or exactly how many more people could be fitted into a standing area rather than a seated one, so apologies if everything I''ve said is horribly wrong!
  2. I think the whole thing is just pathetic, these guys are clearly just stuck in the 70s, they probably thought they were being big and clever by taking out an ''obvious target''. I was at the game and thought the morphsuit was brilliant!! A bit of fun and all that jazz... Yeah it made him stick out but he was singing and sharing banter like the rest of us, and did nothing at all to deserve 8 mugs coming after him. I''m only 18 but I''ve never seen anything like this, it seems to be pretty rare, but credit to the city and forest fans who helped out. Just a shame about the few thuggish morons who cause unnecessary trouble for the rest of us.
  3. I''m going, first game I''ve been able to make for absolutely ages! Hoping for a good result, of course, but with so many going it should be a good day either way... And, for me, its as cheap as a home game
  4. 1-0 win is my shout, even if we do put out a poor performance (which is hopefully unlikely) I reckon we can hold them off and still catch the winner.
  5. I fail to see where growing up was needed! Glad its all definitely going ahead.
  6. I don''t think we need to worry too much about catching Leeds just yet, the priority should be holding onto this place, and continue to bag the wins while hoping those just below us in the league drop points, hopefully they''ll get a few draws against each other which would make life a lot easier for us. Obviously, overtaking Leeds and finishing first would be great!
  7. Loving the original chant, could see it catching on ;D
  8. Haha I spotted him, poor guy fell over again when he tried to get back up. That must''ve really hurt, and the embarrassment must be stinging too!
  9. I''m confident of a result tomorrow, maybe not another 4-0, 5-1 or 7-0 result, but I can see us winning 1/2-0. It seems the Norwich that lost it in games like this has gone, they''ll take tomorrow like any other game and hopefully bag a good result.
  10. I didn''t go to a game for the first time till I was 15, missing out really! The mate I went with however, went with his dad when he was 7/8? That seems about a good age.
  11. Loving that too!! The Chim chiminee chants are both looking pretty good ;D
  12. It seems the football gods like to see City fans go our of their way for the FA cup! However, though the matches aren''t likely to be classics, we should be able to beat both of them easily enough (hopefully!) Binners at home for the 3rd round!
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