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  1. HahahahHahhahhaa - nice one Proudstairs, ''the micky mouse stadium'' would be funny. What would mini think? Bet daffy would be jealous!
  2. I heard from a very reliable source from within the club (and no, I obviously cant say who - so dont ask) that AVIVA were actually sponsoring said name change, dealing with the deed pole admin, and assisting with stationary amendments on pre-scribed McNally letters containing his signature. Rumour mill has it that AVIVA got the gig because of how professional they were in dealing with a full rebrand from Norwich Union to AVIVA. Food for thought, and I don''t think we''ve heard the last from this story either...
  3. yep - its lame... this thread will get deleted.mention anything controversial about avivia, archant, the turners... etc and prepare for the cover-up.pathetic.
  4. Lambo seems ok on the sideline, compared to grant - who was aptly described as an ''out of control helicopter''. lol
  5. It''s about ethics,and having a modicum of loyality to the workforce that has made the company what it is. Fair enough, if the company needs to streamline and shed Some staff in the current climate - but to cut hundreds of jobs, then spend millions and millions on a bloated advertising campain, with a-list filmstars and 3 minute long, peak-time ads shows utter contempt to the people that have been the backbone of the companys success.
  6. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]Yes.. we are lucky to be Sponsoed by a company that has offshored itself, laid off hundreds of local people and moved jobs to India so it can pay tuppence Ha''penny... we are fortunate to be sponsored by a company who bent over backwards to help Ipswich town out financially in their hour of need.... we are over the moon that we are sponsored by a company that wants nothing to do with us outside the stadium, using Plymouth in its Adverts and not having "Proud Sponsor of Norwich City FC" anywhere at all on its literature, web sites or Branding We are pleased we are sponsored by an organisation that took the name "norwich Union", a national establishment and a name assocaited with the fine city and changed it to something to please the world market instead.... Aviva can swivel on it.... [/quote] Couldn''t agree more.horrible, horrible company. 
  7. The midfield were good last night. We missed spillaine at right back. also, drury got caught well out of position a few times on the left. i rate drury this season but i think we need to balance out the leftback position with someone that can come on with pace.defence needs strenghening in january.and sell otsemobor !
  8. because we should of done better. if we are going to go up automatically we need to get results at the decent league one sides. we should be beating teams like mk dons away from home,  and we are quite capable of beating leeds away. everything is in place (give or take a couple of positions on the pitch), we just need to grind out the away form.Last night WAS dissapointing. Theres nothing negative about that statement - its the truth.
  9. Otsemobor is lazy. He doesn''t bring the ball, will always look for a longish pass along the ground to feet - which although are often accurate balls, gives the other team time to close us down. Often all he needs to do is run with it for 5 yards, THEN play the ball to feet. He has ability and is fairly pacey, but he''s not hungry enough. Lambert should sell him in January.
  10. so frustrating. GRRRR.otsemobor is the weak link, lazy, negative, gives the ball away, often plays the ball back instead of going forward. etc etc etcGet rudd in goal, he looks confident. forster made a couple of good saves but every time the ball comes to him in a backpass situation he poos himself.  
  11. shame spillane is out really. otsemobor has ability but is lazy. He has experience though so will hopefully rise to the challenge if he''s back fit.
  12. We are on a decent run, let''s hope it stays that way. Away form will be the test. One thing I totally agree with is that we are fightng till the final whistle and often getting results late on, which is great to see. Lambert seems to have instilled a level of urgency and fight into the team. Massive game next Monday - want a win up there more than anything. Yellows !
  13. Lappin is quality - has a controlled calming influence and although not the quickest, has a decent delivery. There were a few over hit passes from him on saturdaty, not his best game ever but did contribute. Mcviegh is a good player to have in the squad. i do agree a pacier wide player should be sought in january though.
  14. In short, they don’t want to be directly associated with us because we are not considered successful and dont have universal appeal -therfore ncfc would be adverse to the brands image... or some corporate-management-toss like that. I have a strong dislike for the finance industry and particularly Aviva, who spend millions and millions on advertising with a-list celebs (bruce willis etc) rather than protecting the jobs of their employees. Scum.  
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