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  1. I heard the other day it''s 12m they''ll recieve! Add onto that Legal Costs they will probably only make 6-7m tops out of it! Then the 12m is in 5 Year installments!
  2. [quote user="CT the Jarrold king"] The 3 teams that I can see going down are : southampton, barnsley and charlton. What say you duffman/PAFC? [/quote] Hope your right, Charlton - Dead n Buried Southampton - Look likely to drop Barnsley/Blackpool/Forest - i think it''s out off
  3. We have.... Barnsley, Doncaster, Coventry & Burnley at Home Blackpool, Birmingham, QPR Away So we have 4 out 7 at Home vs average sides! If we go down from here we deserve to! End Off
  4. 1. You have complete lack of knowledge/respect for the lower teams if you don''t know any of Norwich City''s players or even if Lita is on loan still, seems he is with you nearest rivals in the league! 2. Playing like Promotion side? you had good display v Doncaster yes! but before that you have been woeful! 3. Doncaster play tommorow night not tonight!  
  5. To the Idiot thread starter - We may well have been "tripe" but one thing stays the same Plymouth - 43pts Norwich - 42pts I know which amount of points i''d rather be on!                                   Birminghams LOL
  6. [quote user="Lord Horn"]If we are headed for (relegation) and administration, let''s hope to God we remember to get the 10 points deducted before the last game of this season![/quote] all teams who go into adminstration after 27th March 2009 will have their points deductions off the next seasons point tally  
  7. Thank you Long Horn, I suppose we see it as a chance to kill you off (from ourselves) with a win! Although i think any Plymouth fan would happily take 1pt right now and let our home form keep us up! Good Luck Norwich City! Lets hope the likes of Barnsley FC and Notts Forest Drop out of the League
  8. [quote user="Carlos Valderrama"]Its like WE8WBA all over again.  The obviously dont teach grammar or sentence construction in West Country Schools.[/quote] IDIOT
  9. [quote user="cityangel"] I don''t presume we''ll beat you but looking at our remaining fixtures I guess that fans think we''re more likely to beat you than Caridff, Birmingham or Swansea.   [/quote] Thank you cityangel
  10. Why do you all presume you will beat my Plymouth Argyle? I read all these posts saying you''ll get 3pts Saturday (which you may very well do) but you all talking like its 3pts in the bag. We have achieved 7pts from our last Three matches will were - Wolves, Reading & Watford  
  11. The differences are that 1. We play our loanees, their gaining vital experience on being here from their parent clubs and will either improve as a player and break into their parent clubs or put themselves in the market in our league. You on the other hand loan about 15 players at once, play 3-4, play 3-4 occasionally, don''t play 3-4 at all      
  12. Just spotted this on Sheff Weds Forum Link  -       http://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/index.php?s=178c6630891777576662b5bf8c327c3e&showtopic=102106&st=0 Charlton going into Adminstration it appears, So thats one team down!
  13. [quote user="alex_ncfc"] [quote user="PAFC"]It''s only a loan people! he could be back at caarow road in 12weeks time[/quote] It''s not a loan, he''s not getting a new contract. [/quote] ah, gotcha! if he so rubbish and no offence (but your not in the ideal best positon) aren''t you a tad worried/questioning why he gone to a promotion chasing side?
  14. It''s only a loan people! he could be back at caarow road in 12weeks time
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