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  1. the nags head is also my local but i will be going to varsity with a couple of other norwich fans
  2. Too often people dont see what happens off the ball, chris martin makes a huge difference in the build up play just by making runs and other movement to create space for others
  3. so what youre trying to say is that it was me that did something wrong? even though i was doing the same thing as everyone else around me?
  4. there are other songs you can hum along to, since when have football fans been known for their eloquence anyway?
  5. I didnt hear that song till right at the end so I can assure you it wasnt for that, I just thought it was madness that he said something to me when literally everyone around me was singing it aswell. I agree we were a little bit quiet, but there wasnt too much encouragement from the performance
  6. there is another song about grant holt: he scored three goals against the scum, grant holt grant holt etc. plus you should youtube stephen fry on swearing
  7. He also tried to take my phone off me when i was taking a picture of the scoreboard!
  8. One of the stewards at brammall lane threatened to eject me from the ground because i was singing we f*cking love grant holt... he didnt seem to hear the other 2000 fans singing it as well. apparently some norwich fans in our area had complained about it. All i can say is stewards need to lighten up and if anyone goes to an away game and doesnt expect to hear swearing needs to wake up.
  9. one of the main reasons people dont like him or see the good he does is because he has a lazy looking running style and a lot of what he does is off the ball when people arent looking at him
  10. im 19 and the 3rd round draw was always special for me because that was the one away game a year we''d go to i do completely agree with a champions league place for the winners though, "the champions league" has much more of a ring to it than "the 4th place league"
  11. I heard him shout this at one of the christmas games for the first time in ages, not quite the same support as it used to get though
  12. [quote user="Canary_on_the Trent"][quote user="Trent Uni Canary"]probably because he spent so much time touching them... but anyway you either loved him or hated him and i hated him[/quote]You hated 1 of your own players who gave his all every game and never went missing?Blimey I wouldn''t like to know how much you disliked some of our journeyman loan signings last season.[/quote] im not saying he didnt try im just saying hes useless!
  13. probably because he spent so much time touching them... but anyway you either loved him or hated him and i hated him
  14. he was never the best maybe 4th behind askou nelson and spillane, no matter where the ball was on the pitch he had his arms round someone, the amount of challenges he just lunged into when there was no need, not to mention awful distribution.
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