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  1. anyone got a spare adult coach ticket for spurs away?
  2. as for wymondham,i dont go out much,but its a nice quiet town
  3. hi thanks for the reply,ive lived in wymondham for 5 years now,used to live in the city before that
  4. Hi katie,my name is Luke,im a season ticket holder,and i go to all the home games,i get the 110 train on sat,arrive norwich at 130,and in midweek i get the 610 train arrive at norwich 630,on sat i get the 1735 back to wymondham arriving at 1747,the midweek train leaves norwich at 2240 and arrives in wymondham at 2251
  5. i will definately go,i went last season and was gutted that i missed out in the ballot,u can be my saviour!!!
  6. i will buy it mate,give us a ring 0193601865 this evening or 0794047588
  7. name is luke bales, mobile numbeer 07946047588,home number 0195360185,how much is the ticket?
  8. hi city till i die,i did reply to 1 add this morning,but that was for a ticket in home end near away fans,i went last season,so gutted at missing out in the ballot
  9. anyone got a spare ipswich ticket in the away end?
  10. i would get train from norwich,how would u get there?
  11. i would consider it,is it upper or lower tier, and how did u get 1 in norwich end! also, i would get train from  if i went,i live in wymondham,was gutted to miss out in the ballot,went last year,it would be hard for me not to wear my city shirt though! my telephone num is 01953601865,evening or 07946047588 daytime
  12. missed out on ballot too,i would go in family eenclosure,but ive an nr address,and i dont know anyonee with a non-nr address
  13. i will go if another city fan will sit with me
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