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  1. hi whats his name on you tube il give him some back ipswich mug
  2. have a day off son soccer am is shit hot do u watch x factor....  
  3. does anyone know how to get the game on the internet today radio norfolk switches off please my radios broke
  4. I did the same as you about 2 years ago i started tripping out when about loads of people kept saying cheeseboard i was in tears maybe il start it up in the barclay end
  5. Its got to be the A team sound track classic
  6. lets get behind the lads tonight league 1 is not an option,lets give the players a boost for once they may not deserve it but it does help.also as a barclay boy id love it if the river end roared back with a song it may not be your thing to sing but for once it wont hurt and will help. I for one would get more fired up,we could make that ground so noisy just like when we play the scum,come on city
  7. Please can any one tell me why only about 20% of the fans at carrow road sing,Every one in the river end looks like a cardboard cutout and in the main stand and the jarrold,why cant every one sing and get behind the team i sing all game and for what,so people in the jarrold stand can watch me,pull your finger out and lets get a proper atamosphere going.  Stop moaning start singing
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