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  1. can someone pm me with a streaming website as i am finding it hard 2 find one!
  2. [quote user="Beauseant"][quote user="Colchester Canary"]Don''t believe it!! Blue sky and sunny in Colchester[/quote] Not bad in Lynn either. [/quote] just finished snowing, sun now out in beccles
  3. i dont think lambert will go as yes burnley r in the prem but we have a crowds unlike burnley! i hope norwich can keep him so we can keep our run up
  4. is there anyway i can listen 2 what eadie said ? any website?
  5. [quote user="Lord Flashheart"]I don''t get it. Why not just hope that we absolutely slaughter them and get our season back on track? [*-)] [/quote]   agreed if after like 10 games we are rock bottem then yh people can say that but its only the first game of the season 45 more to go!
  6. cant speak a word of bulgarian (sorry) but hello and hope u get more fans suporting city   OTBC
  7. [quote user="CANARYCHARGE"]Did anyone else get annoyed with ipshyt and Peterborough getting first coverage,im not that stupid that these are a league above,but it just doesn''t seem right,especially on your local news! Hay ho.... bring on the Colchester! [/quote] it is annoying me 2 on look east all they kept going on about was ipwsich and peterborough and on sky sports all the kept going on about was the championship! they should talk about us 2!
  8. i will be singing my heart out 2moro dont worry! am looking forward 2 it with 25,000 other support atmosphere should be gd! cmon city OTBC  
  9. my cousin got the ncfc crest on his leg
  10. i hope he stays we need him in league one!
  11. [quote user="SS"]Any plans to film the meeting? I would love to see what people have to say, but live in the Midlands so no chance of me attending. [/quote] yeah i cant get there cause am at college but would love to c it on film please?
  12. just wondered what u thought of lee while he was here? i thought he was a nice person (met him at open day was really happy 2 b there) gow looked very misable beside him i like his adduite as well hope we can find the money to keep him
  13. [quote user="singing canary"] would you have him as manager .. ''I''ve nothing against Barnsley, but I have an association with Norwich, and while I would like to go back there, I''d rather it was in the Championship.'' quote lee clarke . thoughts? [/quote] i would have him as manger he obviosly likes norwich so we might as well have him
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