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  1. well done, finally your giving some good banter   Lesson 2 continues tommorow
  2. [quote user="CT "][quote user="Beaker"]Try making up your own comebacks and not relying on crappy american put down pictures.[/quote] Are you telling me that all of your pics are your own? Thought not... [/quote] Thought wrong. I have an extensive library of pictures at my disposal. Especially for you. xxxx
  3. Oh and by the way if i could do that in that picture i wouldnt be sitting here right now
  4. Try making up your own comebacks and not relying on crappy american put down pictures.
  5.   "CT couldnt contain his delight at being given the role of "Student Leader" at his school. He added: "Hopefully this should keep the bullies off my back." It is thought that CT will last no more than a day in the role before the urge to return to his computer will become too great, added to the fact that he will have to "talk" to people.
  6. Oh my god CT, its clear your banter knows no bounds
  7. Thank you Shaun. p.s there are rumours of a return for Dr. Bunsen
  8. C.T: "oooHH, what number should i get on my new shirt next year?, gaaahiiiveen"
  9. I have only one username and that is the legendary "Beaks". Oh and by the way it was otsemobor = poo
  10. [quote user="CT "]They were fine with it when we walked through their horrible little town, they should be fine with it now. If they arent- then dont come on this messageboard! [/quote] seem to remember you getting very uptight when someone mentioned Holly and Jessica and Madeline McCann. You hypocritical, spotty, loner teenager
  11. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]haha! my bad, read it wrong, even better i suppose, less than a month away. All i want is a home game last day, whenever we play away from home needing something, it backfires, even when we won the league, we lost at Sunderland! I recall only once doing the business away from home when we needed to, away at stockport to get in the playoffs [/quote] im sure that was at home
  12. Worthington: "He''s a proven player in the Championship and he''s had a good season and now he''s having a well-deserved holiday." No Norwich City players "deserve" a holiday.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AnYtHKqEcc   try that
  14. I heard it was this guy..... <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="
  15. [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="dejanstenfanovic"] Whats peoples opinion on these two, obviously not big favourites of Gunn, probably 2 of the higher earners at the club, do we expect them to stay or not ? [/quote] I expect Cureton will stay because he bleeds Yellow and Green, and Pattison will go because he sweats Whyte & Mackay. [/quote] haha brilliant! best post in a while [:D]
  16. [quote user="CT "][quote user="Beaker"]CT you''re a wind up merchant[/quote] At least i start serious football related debates... where-as you post things like otsemobor= picture of poo...... [/quote] Serious football related debates such as which Eurovision constestant would Norwich City be~? You sir are the poo
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