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  1. Lita has been released by Reading today along with Hahnemann, Murty and Duberry.

    Obviously wed take leroy back, but he is unlikley to drop to League 1, any of the others catch your eye, eg Hahnemann solid replacement for Marshall, could help Rudd develop.

  2. No chance, FIFA require 40,000 minimum we will be unlikley to be anywhere near that level. Probably 10 stadium would be used max:-

    Wembley, Stamford Bridge, Emeriates, St James'' Park, Old Trafford, Anfield, Villa Park, White Hart Lane, Future London 2012 Olympic Stadium. Maybe one will be in scotland (hamdon) or wales (millenium).

    Maybe there will be one less in London and one more in the midlands, but anywhere in east anglia is unlikley they will expect us lot to travel down to london i reckon.  

  3. [quote user="Gingerpele"][quote user="cockers85"]

    wouldn be that bothered if hoola hoop left, probably on big-ish wages and wed get a bit for him. Clingan for me was a class above, range of passing and control was premier league level. Although Clingan is as good as signed on at Fulham apparently.

    Cureton has got to have a big season, and repay some of the faith and money put into him. His record in the late 90''s and early 00''s in League 1 or Second Div is about 1 in 2, wed need him Lee if he signs on to be going at at least that rate.



    No it really wasnt, for every long range pass that wen''t well, there where about 5 that didn''t make it, and even his short passes where poor, Fozzy could pass better, just went backwards too much. And when Clingan looks for a player, when he has the ball, he just losses it, i hope we sell him to Fulham, we would be lucky to get 500k


    if marshall is worth 600k-800k as has been reported, clingan will go for at least 1mill surley

  4. We never really saw the best of him, hes obviously talented as hes gone for serious money in the past, but sums up his career. Just really injury prone, would have probably done a job for us in L1, but with constant fitness issues and money so tight was probably bit too much of a risk keeping him on for another year. Good luck to him

  5. [quote user="ACE"]Well as we already know, many candidates have been interested in the past but were turned away without interview. So its not reason 1.

    No money?  Well, consider that despite the blatant lies from the board (yes lies, sue me if its not true), we were told that the three wise men were in charge until the end of the season.  What we were not told is that at least on, and probably two, had much longer contracts, and Gunn had a nod as well.

    So there is a third reason:

    They simply did not bother to consider any other option than to give Gunn and CO the jobs regardless of how last season panned out.

    I cant beleive our own board would have jus given him the job regardless of the failings of last year, especially as how 99% of the fans dont want him there. its got to be because of the money situation. Wev had debts round our necks for several years now and with the recession everything is on a budget.

    I know the situation is bad at the moment but there is no way option 1 is realistic. Norwich is a well respected club, with top facilties, a big stadium and a large fan base. Were currently underacheiving so a new manager coming in has a lot less to loose that if they went for an established club (except relegation to L2).

  6. wouldn be that bothered if hoola hoop left, probably on big-ish wages and wed get a bit for him. Clingan for me was a class above, range of passing and control was premier league level. Although Clingan is as good as signed on at Fulham apparently.

    Cureton has got to have a big season, and repay some of the faith and money put into him. His record in the late 90''s and early 00''s in League 1 or Second Div is about 1 in 2, wed need him Lee if he signs on to be going at at least that rate.

  7. Croft is a solid championship winger, runs alot but lacks a bit of true quality with his final ball and decision making. He is a worker not alot more. I can just about understand him gettin the award, the goal against Ipswich was a rare highlight and he did give it his all most of the time. I dont think hes leaving cause hes being ''big time'' and ''want to jump ship'', he probably on big-ish wages, he wont set the world alight in league 1 and he wants to stay in the Championship. Id say him going is just common sense and best for both parties.

  8. Gunn will win back to back promotions get us into the champs league where we will beat Bayern Munich home and away, wel meet Inter in the final and get our revenge by coming back from 3-0 down to win on penalties, hel leave and win the world cup with england and finally become prime minister were he will lead us out of this global recession, fix the NHS, conqure the world making Britain truley Great again and declare Norwich as the capital of world.


    I support him  

  9. ahmen to this sentiment, everyone is being so negative about it. Fair enough he isnt the fans choice, but hes in now lets get behind him,

    prove everyone wrong gunny


    [quote user="The Chirp"]New signings?

    A fair start?

    A brain transplant (prob most of you)

    I think the reaction on here has been a massive over bite.

    that''s just my opinion, I back gunn as i don''t honestly think we could afford to get anyone else in... i also think he''ll turn us around... If i am wrong i will happily hold my hands up.

    Good Luck Bryan and Co and OTBC


  10. [quote user="Fluff"]I think the same can be said for all the ''happy happy'' people out there prepared to be crapped on time and time again.  Mind you, I suppose for some of you its only been for a number of months rather than the decades some of us have had to put up with.


    The old iv supported them longer than you have, my dad is harder than your dad argument is it. Brilliant, thats exactly what we need bickering between the supporters, thatl really help. Not that I feel i have to defend myself, but im 23 and have supported NCFC since i was 5. Think thats a fair effort to voice my opinons or maybe im jus being ''happy happy''



    god we really do have some idiot fans, its so depressing. and the people that are saying ''yes we should jeer and moan'', i wont be going to games not because we arent playing well or arnt winning games, itl be because I dont want to sit with people who jus want to complain about the situation, if i want to sit with foolish depressed people il go to the benefits office or the waiting room at the GUM clinic.


    Bore off negative fans, its a cr*ppy situation, jus get on with it, support the club or support someone else...

  12. Ok for better or for worse Gunn is in. I personally dont know why they didnt go for someone like Robins who is proven at lower league level or Gannon/Ince who have done decent jobs in and around league 1 and are currently unattached so they would be free to approach.

    Who cares Gunn is in now, he loves the club, as do Butters and Crook. We all know they will truely give 101% effort and the board have been loyal to the three of them. We need to stop having a go at him, at the board and at the players and try to be positive. 

    If Gunn has failed the club by getting us relegated, we will have failed the club as fans if we dont support him and the team in the future.


  13. Firstly the original post smells very fishy to me, a man in a hat with some sunglasses in coat breathing oxygen isnt definately Paul Ince, but for good ol arguments sake lets assume it is. I would personally be very cautious for several reasons.

    He did a good job a MK Dons, got them promoted won the L2 and the League Trophy. Fair play, but he had a massive advantage over the other managers in that league in terms of financial backing and facilities. MK were a giant club in L2, so getting promotion would have been their minimum expectation. However he won 60% of his games in charge there so fair play.

    Blackburn was a disaster, he lost the dressing room and did very badly with what should be a mid-tophalf premiership squad. This to me showed a bit of naivity and lack of managirial talent. Maybe a step to far to early

    Another problem is what kind of wage he would command simply because of his name, if it ate into our player wages or transfer budget i would say no thank you Mr Ince.

    However, Macclesfield was a great acheivment for him, with fairly limited resources he got them from bottom of L2 and saved them from relegation winning about 40% of his 30 games incharge.

    Overall i would look for a manager who has really overacheived at L1 or L2 level and showed real natural managirial talent rather than jus going for a name who hasnt acheived at Champ or prem level, eg Roeder, Ince etc... Robins or the currently unemployed Gannon for me!! 

  14. [quote user="ACE"]Yawn.... I bet you play Football Manager.

    [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]           1
    2     3      4      5
       7         8     9
          10    11

    1) Decent imposing, consistent Goalie (don''t care how old)
    2) Steady right back with a bit of pace, and a good cross (half a brain cell required)
    3) Big strong Defender (not too clumsy)
    4) Mentally strong and more agile defender, there to help organise defence
    5) Steadier Left Back, more defensive
    6) Clingan
    7) Dynamic Right Midfielder combining technique with physique. (a few goals, a few assists and Croft''s running)
    8) A big bricks**thouse of a midfeilder with an eye for goal and direct running (like a poor mans gerrard)
    9) See right midfeilder, but less about assists, more about pace and goals
    10) Quick annoying f****r of a striker to really get on oppositions less agile defence (if not Cody, Tyson perhaps?)
    11) Target Man with good feet and strong mental stregnth and an eye for at least double figures worth of goals

    examples (not players i think we will get, just a hint as to what i''m on about)
    1) Robert Green (give Rudd a go, but have someone more experienced as insurance, like Leicester have done with their ''keeper situation)
    2) Kyle Naughton (a less clumsy John Otsemoboor please)
    3) Andre Bikey (Doc might do in league 1)
    4) Gary Cahill (maybe Dejan can be this)
    5) Tony Hibbert (a left footed version)
    6) Sammy Clingan (don''t let him leave!)
    7) Wade Elliot (Croft going, not sure on Smith, maybe an area in need, 1 area i''d be happy to loan a player)
    8) Dickson Etuhu (missing, unless Adeyemi is any good)
    9) Darren Huckerby (maybe a fully charged Hoolahan can do this)
    10) Leroy Lita (maybe Cody can do this)
    11) Alan Lee (hopefully)

    12) Mark Tyler - Reliable, cheap, league 1 standard experienced pro, with recent gametime under their belt (don''t think he''s got that, but he''s only back up i suppose)
    13) Poor man''s John O''Shea please
    14) Battling but not too clumsy all round midfielder
    15) Clever wide player/ support (in the hole) striker (what Gow was meant to be)
    16) Young pretender of 10, pacier, but more raw talent

    the rest - Youth/ deadwood/ off-form players, only 4 or so max on more than a grand a week
    less of the farting about with 4-5-1 or whatever, and let''s see some bloody ambition in games, we started every game last season near enough on the back foot from kick off.

    Any manager who can do this, get the players playing for themselves, their teammates, the fans and the club in general, and add the odd player and plan B themselves is good enough for me!



    I bet he does play football manager, and fair play to him as it is the game of the gods. If its such a yawn, to discuss the tactical breakdown of the beautiful game why dont you go ''yawn'' your way to the nearest croquet tournament. Any true football fan loves nothing more than a good tactics chat!!!! great orginal post

  15. Obviously relegation is a disaster and everyone connected with the club and on this forum is very down about the situation. Understandably of course. However trying to look on the up side of things, L1 football will give us a great opportunity to clear out the squad and rebuild for the future. I think this is particulaly true for the youngsters on the fringes of the first team.

    Just imagine for a second you are a youngster at NCFC who is on the bench fairly regularly, given prehaps 10 sub appearances a season. Then we get relegated and are looking at a squad clearout. What a great oppotunity for these lads to make an impression and force their way into the first team. I think its about time we give some of these boys a real chance, im not talking 10 sub appearances i mean a proper run in the first team. If we can mix them with good quality established pro''s we could unearth some diamonds out of a terrible situation.


    Spillane had a very good season for Luton. He played 40 odd games and scored 4 goals, iv spoken to a couple of Luton fans who said he was solid at L2 level and can hack it higher up. Maybe him alongside the experience of fellow countryman Doherty at centre back together. he is eligable for this summer under-21 euros and already has 5 caps for ireland. Lots of competition for him eg McShane (sunderland) O''Brien (bolton), be interesting to see if he makes the final squad.

    Everyone is expecting magic for Chris Martin next year. He had a good season at Luton aswell grabbing 11 goals in 40 league games. Not anamazing record, but the goal at Wembley for them shows hes got a bit of character. Him or the lad McDonald have a great chance next year to establish themselves alongside the experienced Lee, could work very well as a tall and short strike force which would suit L1 style football.

    With Marshall gone what a chance for Declan Rudd. Youth England international must have some real class, from what Ive heard many fans wh have seen him rate him highly, apparantly part of the reason for letting Lewis go was cause Roder knew Rudd was coming through.

    Luke Daily has a great record for the reserves, scoring a hat rick against an arsenal reserves team that featured 7 players who had played in the previous week for the first team that beat Wigan. So he must have some talent and is surley worth a punt next year as a winger or a striker.

    I have to say I havnt seen much of anu of these players so have no real idea f what their ability is, but from what Ive heard they are useful and could be a benefit to the team at L1 level. If anyone has seen them in live action id be interested to hear your thoughts on giving them a chance next year.






  16. The general feeling is keeping Rudd giving him a chance but with a good senior keeper as back-up. I live in Colchester and watch the Us every now and then, they had West Hams Jimmy Walker on loan this year and he was class for a 34yr old. Think he is still contracted at West Ham but they are looking to offload him so could get him very very cheap or even free.  

  17. Has anyone actually seen either play, i am very interested to know how good Rudd really is as we have a good record of producing goalkeepers eg Green, Lewis etc... He is a youth international and I cant help thinking that maybe part of the plan with letting Lewis go was because they knew Rudd was coming through.

  18. Now Marshall has gone Rudd and Nelson are our two remaining Gk''s. I know Nelson has a fair bit of league experience for Orient and Brentford and that Rudd is an England Youth International, but has anyone seen either play as I have no idea. Will either be our No1 next season or is it worth bringing in a new face......Joe Lewis would be nice.    

  19. This isnt even a question, yes 100% he is a true legend. I dont think he was our best ever goal keeper, but that doesnt mean he isnt a club legend.

    1- he was part of the 93 team

    2- he palyed 500 times for city

    3- he played 2days after his daughters death, which is unbelievable commitment to the team.

    4- he has stayed at the club ever since his retirment, unlike others eg Bowen, Culverhouse etc.

    not even a question, altho he is a poor manager

  20. Cheers for the constructive responses. Im not saying he did a great job or that he should be the manager, just that he is loyal and norwich ledgend and people who aimlessly have a go at him and are abusive are idiots that dont deserve to be considered norwich fans.
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