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  1. The "Godwin''s Law" term is unfortunate. Just because a comparison on the internet has been given a dismissive popular term does not mean that the comparison itself is not spot-on or valid. It is very accurate. Someone even suggested forced sterilisation FFS!! Whilst bankers, corporations, and even politicians screw far more out of the system than anyone on state benefits ever has there is a very depressing divide and conquer technique being applied - successfully it would seem - to the electorate. I''m sad that so many buy into it so quickly and cheaply. I think we should all be questioning why there are endless and unrepresentative series about the most extreme examples of people on benefits and none about the biggest fraudsters of all, who are probably the people who commission this rubbish in the first place. I am genuinely shocked, saddened, and somewhat ashamed to see some of the posts in this thread on a Norwich board. I hope you all don''t find yourselves unemployed, sick, disabled, or victims of circumstance. Our welfare state, along with the NHS is something we should all cherish and protect, not be brainwashed into thinking that everyone who uses something they have every entitlement to is some sort of scrounger and inferior being exploiting the system therefore it should be scrapped. I''m not saying it doesn''t happen but I am fairly sure it is only a tiny minority and a drop in the ocean in the grand scheme of things. Don''t be so easily fooled by TV and government propaganda. Not so long ago I saw a van go to the trouble of going around a roundabout a second time so that the passenger had time to wind down his window and shout "Get a f***ing job!" to someone in a wheelchair outside the Atos assessment centre. Is this the sort of world you want??
  2. Unfortunately, after voting and refreshing the page to see the results my browser was offering me the chance to vote again. I think it''s being messed about with...
  3. In all honesty, I probably have more interest in what my neighbours who I have never met ate for tea (whis is zero) than anything the national team might do anymore. It''s impossible for me to care less about England as a football team, but even if I did care my priority is and always has been for Norwich. Any residual interest in the national team expired around about the time of the 2006 World Cup.
  4. City, every time. I haven''t even watched an international game since the last world cup, I simply don''t care about internationals anymore.
  5. For months now Snoddy has been my obvious contender, but for me, he is now POTS by a country mile, for effort alone he deserves it but I would vote him Player of the Season on performances too. I would be very sorry if we lost him, he shows passion, effort, desire, and never ever hides.
  6. I quite agree. I find the criticism absolutely and genuinely baffling and inexplicable ... not to mention tiresome and elitist.
  7. Celtic. Can''t easily imagine having a second English team though, and certainly not one in the same league.
  8. Well said OP. I was stood in the Barclay that day, it felt like the ball was heading straight towards me from almost the halfway line at the time. A stunning goal from a great player for us. Class ''celebration'' too. The next time we played Liverpool at home, he was injured, and watched the game standing in the Barclay behind the goal too.
  9. [quote user="Dibs"][quote user=" Zak Cartman"][quote user="Dibs"] So why after all the polls for Hughton to go the board has stuck two fingers up at us. [/quote]Which polls are these Dibs I wasn''t aware the club had held any such thing let alone several?[/quote]There has been several. EDP24 and the most notable was the Radio Norfolk phone in with 88% wanting Hughton out.[/quote] The day the board acts on the poll results, wishes and opinions of Radio Norfolk phone ins will be a very sad one. These are often conducted in the heat of the moment or after a bad result anyway. Despite a lot of noise online, I have actually met very few people who actively want Hughton out, and haven''t heard anyone at all express this verbally in the ground. That''s not to say there is not a lot of frustration, disillusionment and disappointment in playing style, but still, I don''t think it''s as unanimous as some might suggest. For me, the jury is out re. Hughton, and I think he will probably be here for the rest of the season anyway.
  10. Very good point about the statistics of games won for those scoring first. Best reason I have yet heard.
  11. I have to say this has been puzzling me for quite a while too, at first I thought we must be losing the toss or something but it seems to be the case almost every home game. Very odd.
  12. Anyone know if the game was back on in the pubs again today? or blocked as last week?
  13. I was quite impressed actually, it was anthemic and tribal and could work well.  I do agree about the squeechy bit though, it would be improved without that imo, and the bit at the beginning where he says ''guitaaaar!''
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