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  1. DeGale won tonight, so could be next for Froch but i don''t think he will take the fight not bigger enough for him. How will he top tonight in front of 80,000. If he retires what a way to finish.
  2. I have tried Fulham for a ticket wont sell me one as no booking history. Just looked on their website and It is selling out.
  3. There are tickets available in the neutral section but you cant buy them unless you have a booking history,i have tried today.
  4. Anyone got a spare ticket? Tried to buy from Fullham but you need to have a booking history.Loads on Viagogo but you need to be a Fullham member. Anyone can help much appreciated.
  5. I didn''t get a ticket because i was at work at 7. Got there and no phone signal so couldn''t phone or go online.Tried on my way home to be told sold out. Ihave only missed one away game this season as in group two also a season ticket holder but as soon as we get a local game counts for nothing.
  6. I would go to Cockfosters as it has a large carpark. To get there is about the same time as Redbridge by car but only has space for about 150 cars compared to over 400 at Cockfosters. Another option is Epping station not as far to drive large carpark but longer on the tube. Parked at Epping for the Fulham game as Cockfosters had engineering works going on. We are going to try and get a bit closer in my may mate knows where he can park and then jump on the tube if not it will be Cockfosters.
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