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  1. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/3350971/Lambert-joins-ONeill-on-Hammers-list.html
  2. The guy was City thru and thru but just couldn''t perform anymore in front of goal. Retire now boy and reflect on the good times!
  3. "The Chirp" I spoke to this so called terrible man a couple of weeks ago and I can tell you that Gunn was not hoping for League One consolidation. This might be a shock to some of you but just because McNally says it in the press it doesn''t mean he''s telling the truth. It might have been his opinion that Gunn was leading Norwich no further than L1 consolidation but that was NEVER Gunn''s aim. Re £££ I would say spending £500K on a striker who scored 30 goals this season was not blowing your money. Brighton plus one other offered Holt more money to join them - It was Gunn who took the time to make sure Holt signed for us not elsewhere.It didn''t work out for Gunn as a manager which is very disappointing to him and most of us (I say most as there are some pathetic people on here who are well out of line about Gunn and Delia) but he''s a genuine honest guy who has served Norwich and Norfolk as a whole very well. Well Chirp, Shortly after we were relegated I had his esteemed assistant in my establishment. After asking him what went wrong on the last day of the season he said we had too many loan players being paid silly wages and didn''t give sh*** about playing for City. I then asked him where we were going as far as next season is concerned. Now I heard this from the horses mouth, ''We will consolidate this season with maybe an outside chance of reaching the play-offs'' but he doubted it. Consolidation was definately the best he was hoping for,so, NO McNally was not telling fibs! I agree Gunn and his Assistant are really nice blokes but that was not going to get us promoted, IMO he was too close to the players as in being a ''mate'' of theirs not a manager!
  4. Guy''s This will only be PROVEN when the (Raising) agents have done their bit! Use your LOAF, we could be TOAST by Christmas! L(Y)east we forget Peterborough who went STALE and only lasted a season! Having said that we could be on a ROLL and continue to RISE to the top shelf! Lets hope we continue on like a KNIFE THRU BUTTER so we BAGUETTE promotion. This would be really JAMMY! ENOUGH?
  5. [quote user="I am a Banana"]LH, you won this for us as you only updated the message board when we were top - well done [y][/quote] When do get off being such a sarcastic prat! Go away!
  6. Oh to tie in with Reception, seems a bit like after the Lord Mayors procession if you''ll excuse the irony! They had plenty of time to get todays issue better!
  7. Just thought they could have made more effort, actually have several press keepsakes, 4-4 against M''boro in the NOTW cus I''m right behind the goal as the fourth from Drury went in! Munich, and a few others!
  8. What a bleeding let down! There I was eagerly expecting a bumper issue, full of celebratory photo''s, a review of what an amazing season this has been, comments from the Board, Manager and players etc, to make it an important keepsake! They''ve had three weeks knowing we are up and Champions so there was ample time to prepare most of it! What do we get, the usual bland reporting with a few photo''s and a poster on the back! With all the criticism of the BBC and National press with regard to the lack of coverage we have received recently I think at least our local rag could have blown the trumpet for us!!!! I bet the Leeds local was not as dull!!
  9. Well Richard Wright is available apparently
  10. [quote user="rjwc22"]Good question Salopian. I think C Martin has finally delivered on the potential he showed 2 or 3 years ago. Great to see he has signed a new contract, could see him being the next big thing to leave NCFC for a derisory sum otherwise![/quote] Agreed, thought himself above us by all accounts, Man ure were reported to be interested in him and that seemed to go to his head. Has come back and more than proved himself a true City player!
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