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  1. Thank you for putting into words what I can only express as a loud growling noise!
  2. [quote user="First Wizard"] Match coverage?   10 minute updates more like![:@] [/quote]   Gives you time to empty your bag between updates. :P To be serious, it''s not the best but it''s better than nothing I suppose. Know anyone there who is on twitter? That might be a beter bet.
  3. [quote user="kilroyslefteyebrow"]You''ve missed nothing mate. Time better spent watching porn or having a dump.[/quote]   and at least with those two choices you get a result!
  4. You''ve missed nothing mate. Time better spent watching porn or having a dump.
  5. I wasnt going to post as ''cheating'' will be the usual accusation, but trust me, I''m as amazed as anyone at this. I must have found a bug in the match engine or something. It certainly isnt down to my ''savvy'' with tactics. I started a new season with Norwich recently and am playing a 4-2-3-1 formation with one on the CM pair tackling, backtracking (Croft/Fox). AML/AMR out wide (Surman/Jackson/lansbury/C.Martin if stretched) Hooly as AMC and Holt as lone striker. With honestly no cheating I have played 26 league games and have won 23 and drawn3. Got knocked out of cup early though. I havent used RT editors other than to adjust the capacity of Carrow Road and I dont ''reload after defeats''. If I get the chance when I get home I will post some screenshots of the tactic. <---puts on flame proof blanket and prepares to drop and roll.
  6. Jan (M)Alby Jim Beighton Bodney Marsh Drew Boughton Marlon Broome Beeston (Cyril) Regis.   Time to leave work and go home.
  7. [quote user="BarclayWazza"]Omar Koroma[/quote]   This, my friend, is full of win! Excellent work!
  8. I do sometimes go and watch the Mighty Stanley midweek.   1. Burnley (1.4 m) Turf Moor 2. Accrington Stanley (6.7 m) Fraser Eagle Stadium 3. Blackburn Rovers (12.1 m) Ewood Park 4. Rochdale (13.2 m) Spotland 5. Bury (16.1 m) Gigg Lane 6. Oldham Athletic (18.0 m) Boundary Park 7. Bradford City (19.0 m) Coral Windows Stadium 8. Preston North End (19.1 m) Deepdale 9. Bolton Wanderers (20.3 m) Reebok Stadium 10. Huddersfield Town (21.5 m) Galpharm Stadium
  9. [quote user="The gut"]Yep, the sooner we all think and do exactly the same the better. Funny how the dictators in the world seem to be under greater threat of losing power and on here we have posters who cannot accept a different opinion and need to impose theirs. I didn''t boo, I have only ever done so once - at that biggest waste of space Fotheringham, and that was my right. I respect that anyone who booed last night had the right to do so. Some need to get out of their own arses and see the light.[/quote] "We didn''t even sing when we were winning. Let Lamdert down. Best foofsball sporters in the world my arse. "   How do those two quotes sit together? We have the right to boo but we dont have the right to sit quietly?
  10. Did we lose? Booing your own football team is like laughing at your kids when they fall of their bike. Gutless and heartless. You seriously think that the 11 men on the pitch haven''t tried their best? Delia was right about needing a 12th man, it''s just that when we need it at Carrow Road, we don''t get it.
  11. Steady on you two. Leave some jokes online for the rest of us to copy and paste!
  12. It''s also a code that is used in my bedroom.
  13. I think sometimes they get through by accident after just bashing their phones against their heads in an attempt to stop the voices that tell them to rape chickens.
  14. The difference between Lambert and other managers we have suffered with is that he could see it wasn''t working and changed it.
  15. Martin really made the difference today when he came on. Jackson didn''t support Holt enough. I''m amazed that Holt managed the full match the rate he plays at.
  16. For a little man he seems top heavy. He went down far too easily far too many times today. The game changed when Chris Martin came on. At least he has a bit more of a chance to get his head to the ball.
  17. I have for the last few seasons. I live just down the road. Will look into it and get back to you.
  18. Came home after a long day at work, thought I''d check out the forum to see what has happened on transfer deadline day. Had to wade through the usual attention seekers, posting deliberately misleading headlines. "But it''s ok. If I end it with a questionmark then I can pass it off as a genuine rumour and noone will think I''m a waste of oxygen." So not just something you thought of whilst tossing off to Jeremy Kyle when the rest of us where at work?* * Note the questionmark? Was I being ironic? Or did I just read it on another forum?
  19. [quote user="DOGGER"]What an arse!![/quote] Are you refering to Bly or the 12 year old girl?
  20. Log out of Canaryworld. Delete your cookies and temp internet files and log in again.
  21. ..many of you (not all) will need to take a hard look at yourselves. What a pile of horsesh1t this forum has been today. If I was Lambert and was staying, reading this girly panic-fest would just about change my mind to leaving.
  22. ...and then my blood pressure wouldn''t be half as high as it is.
  23. ..but perhaps you can think of a better thing to talk about? Just how well do you know Burnley? I moved to Burnley in 1995. My wife and her family are from the town. I work and my kids got school in Burnley. It''s not the ''best'' place in the world to live, but neither is Norwich. They both have good and bad features. To suddenly start slagging off a whole town and it''s people just because thier local football club want the manager of the team you support is rather childish to say the least, as no doubt any reply you make to this post will be.
  24. if IF he goes then Burnley can fcuk off. I''ve given them 18 years of my life and this is how they repay me? Me and my family will move out of East Lancashire stopping only to post a dog-shit sandwich to the newly appointed manager through the letter box at Turf Moor.
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