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  1. I saw the main article as a bit of a PR piece by Ruddy and almost a 'come and get me' plea.

    Think he may be tempted on basis that as well as being number 2 (presuming Krul stays) he will have a coaching responsibility/position with the younger keepers.

    Sounds like an ideal plan to me (especially as home grown player!)

  2. Jake Humphrey just sent tweet reminding us weve only lost 2 in last 8. Given they were Man U and Tottenham our recent form is pretty good.

    Thats probably the most frustrating thing we are so close to making a go of things. Just a couple of fluke goals in a couple of games and we’d be in such a better position

  3. 26 minutes ago, City 2nd said:

    How is it problem solved. We play a defence that not only last season in a title winning season conceded more goals than any other team. That defence has been taken to the next level, and what happens!

    Shame on Farke, Webber and the board for not addressing the obvious!

    I don’t disagree but apparently we have a defence which has 3 x c£30m players in it (one who can’t get in ahead of a £750k defender!).

    unfortunately has to be questions over the training, organisation and tactics of the whole defensive unit, we need a specialist defensive coach (do we have one?)

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  4. it must have been very different actually at the game because from just watching match of the day it looked like we played really well! Lots of good passing, plenty of chances and all the possession.

    Also worth noting that our record in last 5 (LDDLW) isn’t that bad compared to many other teams and actually better  than Leicester. It’s a big IF but if VAR hadn’t robbed us of the second goal against Spurs we might all be feeling a lot more positive.

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  5. I’m a bit unsure on this.

    its a good signing and I’d normally be positive but I’m feeling a bit dejected after yesterday and wondering what’s the point.

    not convinced he could ever do enough to keep us up so really would like to  see us not wasting money on a loan. Surely it’d be better to sign someone on a permanent even if it’s someone not yet ready for premiership but who could excel in the championship.

    Obviously, hope I’m wrong and him and Pukki form the dream partnership and the miracle of us staying up happens!

  6. Watford’s hammering of villa makes our defeat even more annoying.

    Dissapointed for Cantwell and Byram but glad to see Vrancic get a start and hoping Hernandez can give us something different.

    Would be great to get a result today and end the year on a high (easy to forget that 2019 was actually a great year to be a canary!)

  7. Just to be straight from the off... I’m a big fan of Farke and think he’s a great manager who also perfectly fits the club BUT

    The situation with Leitner and Roberts does seem a bit strange. Both apparently very talented players but can’t even make the bench of a team that is really struggling. In particular you’d think that even if there is doubts over their work rates they are both players capable of ‘changing a game’ something we’ve been desperate for in a few games this season.

    Does anyone actually have an idea of what is going on behind the scenes (has a journalist even  actually asked direct and got a straight answer?). It’s particularly odd how leitner has been frozen out when he seemed very much a ‘Farke’ style player last year.

    i dont think either should be brought into starting 11 but not having either ever available seems odd. 

  8. Buendia was much better on Saturday but there were still a fair few occasions where he lost the ball and then failed to track back or try to win it back. His first reaction always seems to be to throw his arms up in the air or sit on his **** rather than trying to win it back.

    if you watch the greatest players eg Messi that is what they do so often and it’s how Ronaldo Improved his game even further after leaving Man U.

    He’s a great player but by improving that he could be a brilliant one.

  9. On the way back to my car two Leicester fans noted I was looking a bit lost so asked if they could help. Then had brief chat about the game and they were really impressed with our performance. Went as far as saying we were the best team they’d seen at the king power so far this season and we shouldn’t go down.

    Nice to see still some decent football fans around and certainly left me with a really good impression of Leicester fans.

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  10. Like someone else has said, I went and was happy to applaud his name but didn’t intend to give him any acknowledgement during the game.

    BUT when he came over for that corner there was a swell of emotion in the crowd and I joined in the clapping. He did a nice job of acknowledging it and then got on with his job (which turned out to be bad news for us!).

    during the game he made it clear he’d be giving us the ball back after the free kick and at the end he came over and applauded the Norwich fans.

    he was a brilliant player for us and continues to speak highly and support the club so I don’t regret for one minute applauding him during the game,

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