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  1. I''m afraid that this was a worrying show by Farke of being scared and that he is losing confidence (just as happened to Alex Neil).

    He was clearly more worried about what would happen if the team lost to Burton than taking the risk of making attacking changes to win the game.

    I would really expect him to be stronger than that BUT we impatient and moaning fans have to take some responsibility for it as well...

    Just think what this place would have been like if he had replaced Tetty with Wildschut and then Burton had got even a against the run of play/lucky winning goal. Most would be demanding his immediate sacking.

    We have high expectations and managers are clearly finding it hard to maintain their own styles and views in the face of that.
  2. rock bus

    Must win or Must not lose

    I appreciate it''s not a MUST win in terms of a game which means we go up or down, but it is important. The confidence of the team, manager, board and supporters must have taken a huge knock because of the last couple of results.

    It is now really important that we start building up some confidence. If a lack of faith grows amongst the players and the supporters about the style of play and the blueprint for the future being designed by Webber and Farke, things could go very badly.
  3. rock bus

    Scotland tonight

    Is Hanley playing? Bloody hope he doesn''t get injured... that''d be just are luck!
  4. rock bus

    Nelson to start for Portugal?

    Toys more likely to be thrown out of a pram than prism!!
  5. rock bus

    Nelson to start for Portugal?

    Surely if he is even on the bench it will make it difficult for him to sign? Unless Swansea or whoever have drs and officials over there to make the deal?

    I want to keep him BUT if we have turned down a big premiership club deal I do wonder how effective a grumpy Oliveira will be between now and January.

    He''s already shown he is somewhat temperamental and quite prone to throwing his toys out of the prism.
  6. Whilst doubts exist over signings to date one thing I am impressed with is how quickly and relatively quietly Webber conducts deals.

    Hanley is just another example, must have been linked to weekend poor performance but deal has been done and dusted within couple of days of any rumours starting.

    None of the song and dance and relentless pursuing, ending in failure, that we have previously experienced. (Cue someone saying it''s because they''re all rubbish and no one else wants them!!)
  7. rock bus

    Grant Hanley

    Got to love it on here.

    Everyone''s been saying:

    Got to sort defence

    Must buy CB

    Has to have championship experience

    Need traditional hard man defender

    Need a leader at the back

    Need to spend some money etc etc

    Then the moment we do, the normal moaners are on here saying his rubbish, waste of money, only reserve at Newcastle, not impressed when seen him, plays for Scotland so must be rubbish.

    Classic pink un thread!
  8. [quote user="Inch High aka Inchy.."]"I remain supportive of both Webber and Farke" seriously?[/quote]

    Yep, I am serious. It''s been a disastrous start but I have bought into their desire to restructure the squad and build a team based on youth. It will take time.

    Having said that they need to bolster the squad with some steel so we can undertake the changes whilst still in the championship. If we remain near the bottom three at Christmas we may need to reconsider but I''m not for backtracking after just 5 games
  9. rock bus

    Just Play Football...

    Back to basics seems necessary.

    That team seems more solid but I''d stick with Gunn and also have one of Maddison, Hoolahan or Watkins playing behind Oliveira rather than Jerome.
  10. He has been notably quiet over the last few weeks.

    Given the really poor start and the fact that a number of signings are at least not ready for championship football I''d expect him to be fronting things up rather than Farke.

    I remain supportive of both Webber and Farke but I will be expecting a statement from Webber this week explaining what he plans to do to help Farke resolve the current awful situation. Ideally this would be on Thursday having secured the signing of quality CB, LB and combative midfielder (I can dream!)
  11. rock bus

    Nelson in Portugal squad

    Surely this is good news?

    Nelson now knows that being at Norwich is good for his international career. Scoring goals for us getting him noticed rather than just sitting on the bench at a ''bigger'' club.
  12. rock bus

    Savvas Mourgos

    Not entirely convinced that we need another young midfield playmaker!?
  13. rock bus

    Least we've got a decent keeper

    Only sad thing is we haven''t ''got'' him, he''s just on loan!

    If he continues to perform well this season I expect he''ll be back to Man City or another premier league club will look at him (IF we''re not promoted!)

    Let''s hope he does well and then Man City buy yet more international keepers and he decides he want to play first team football at his childhood club.

  14. rock bus

    Villa Match Thread

    [quote user="rock bus"]Certainly a brave move by Farke and I hate to think what this place will be like if we lose.

    But he''s the manager and I think it''s good he is prepared to use the squad and change approach depending on opposition. At least no one can say he only has a plan A and isn''t willing to mix things up.

    I guess the other point is that Bruce would''ve spent the last week preparing to mark Hoolahan and Naismith out of the game and preventing intricate passes to Oliveira. Villa will now need to dea with a possibly more direct and robust approach[/quote]

    Maddison not Naismith (sadly marking Naismith out of a game might be a lot easier!)
  15. rock bus

    Villa Match Thread

    Certainly a brave move by Farke and I hate to think what this place will be like if we lose.

    But he''s the manager and I think it''s good he is prepared to use the squad and change approach depending on opposition. At least no one can say he only has a plan A and isn''t willing to mix things up.

    I guess the other point is that Bruce would''ve spent the last week preparing to mark Hoolahan and Naismith out of the game and preventing intricate passes to Oliveira. Villa will now need to dea with a possibly more direct and robust approach
  16. rock bus

    Villa Match Thread

    VERY surprised by this, looks like gone for strength over skill?

    Plenty of invention on the bench to change things but I''d have started with Oliveira and one of Maddison or Hoolahan.

    Oh well, I have faith in Farke
  17. rock bus


    At the end of last season I''d definitely have had him back. But the club has now moved on and we''re going in totally different direction. We need to build on the youthful players like Murphy.

    Having said that, do you think we could swap him for Naismith?!?
  18. rock bus

    QPR Match Thread

    Bit harsh on Wildschut to have been dropped from squad unless he is injured
  19. Fair comment Webbo and I appreciate that is true but I am still suggesting we stick with the same style, approach and mentality. I just feel some players may be able to carry it out better at this moment. I sense part of our new philosophy is having a style that suits the use of a range of players if some are struggling due to form, injury or just lack of confidence.

    Indeed it''s a style that is supposed to resonate right through the club and from youth teams to the full team.

    It''ll take time but at least it gives us a sense of cohesiveness and a way forward
  20. In the aftermath of Sunday there have been lots of calls for wholesale changes to the side, formation and style of play.

    Whilst I can appreciate people''s frustration with the result and more importantly performance, it will be essential that Farke remains strong. We can''t have a manager who keeps chopping and changing just in reaction to each result every week. Or one who is immediately susceptible to the moans of us fans.

    He needs to allow the formation and style to bed in and become second nature to the players. Otherwise the whole turnaround in coaching staff and players will have been a waste of valuable time.

    For me, I''d just look at straight swaps i.e. Oliveira for Jerome, pinto for wildschutt, and someone for Naismith.

    Although if we had another option for left back I''d also drop Husband.
  21. Clearly a lot going on with Nelson which isn''t really great.

    But I''m really loving Farke at the moment, seems genuine and passionate. Most importantly seems to be developing a love of the club which we have seen in players like huckerby, Roberts etc.

    Also great to see the commitment and desire he is motivating in players like Tettey and Naismith.

    Early days but we could have a special coach here.

    Already has me feeling proud of my club again after the real disappointment of last couple of years.
  22. It''s amazing how this argument keeps coming up and goes on for so long.

    As last few posters have pointed out, the last 6 managers have all put faith in Russell Martin. They see him train every day and play every week. They see how he interacts with the other players, his captain qualities and his commitment to the team.

    All 6 can''t have picked him just because he is a nice guy. So even though he is capable of a few mistakes and has some weaknesses (which player doesn''t?). I cant really see how anyone can argue he hasn''t deserved to have been a regular player since his time at the club.

    Of course, if we can bring in (or maybe now have) players who are better than him AND bring more to the overall performance of the team then they should be selected ahead of him. For now, I''m happy for Mr Farke to make that decision.
  23. rock bus

    Fulham v Norwich Match Thread.

    Yanic has been excellent, would be nice to see him come good. Zimmerman also surprisingly strong....Shane about Husband, looks by far weakest of the new signings.

    Need Oliveira on, Have to feel if one of our 4 good chances had fallen to him we''d be level.

    Early days yet and team will take time to settle, us fans need to give them that time!
  24. rock bus

    Is women's sport entertaining

    I''ve been watching it and as a former coach for a girls team it''s great to see them having the TV exposure and success.

    Although, must admit, they have been very lucky and not really sure how they have not lost the last 3 games.

    Most important thing is that hopefully it will encourage far more girls not just to start playing but also continue during their teenage years. This will ultimately bring an improvement in the game.
  25. rock bus

    More news to come from Germany......

    Probably just the new goalkeeping coach!!

    Having said that it''s a pretty poorly thought out message to put out if not a signing. I expect Webber to be pretty shrewd wit this type of thing.