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  1. rock bus

    Wes off

    Really a sad day, been a great player for us over the years and genuinely deserving of the legend title.

    He is also my 12 year old son''s footballing hero and will be hard to replace in his eyes (my son hasn''t even fully taken to Maddison because he still sees him as having taken Wes'' place!).

    In my house we always refer to Messi as the Argentinian Hoolahan!

    We will of course, have more good and possibly great players but unlike we will see these types of heroes any more.
  2. rock bus


    Agreed , sounds like he’s asking for a big payout.

    Must admit I’m getting a bit sick of the way he is leaching off the club. All we keep hearing from him is that he just wants to be playing and that’s the most important thing. If that really is the case he can give up some of his contract.

    I know some will say why should he, we gave him the stupid contract and would I give up £x millions. I get that BUT it’s not like he hasn’t made enough money to happily retire.

    We just need rid ASAP
  3. I''m prepared to get slammed for this but maybe a long term plan is to build him in to the management structure.

    Maybe we extended his contract with a view to retaining him within the coaching team.

    If we are adopting a long term project approach why not having him working alongside Farke and learning what is to be the ''Norwich way'' and getting him coaching and mentoring the younger players. He is obviously well respected within the club and by the players and has shown his commitment to the club (if only by not rising to some of the unnecessary abuse he has got)

    Who knows maybe longer term stepping in to the coaches role?!?!
  4. Apologies if I''ve missed it but have the club actually stated why he didnt play and what the problem is now?
  5. rock bus

    Ricardo's report v Cardiff

    Hope you’re right and tha we can get him then!
  6. I’d choose Farke even if that is at the expense of the promotion I expect Colin might bring.

    I’ll support Norwich whatever league they are in and want to have a manager, team and club that I like and have respect for.

    The club is part of who I am and having decent people involved in it is important to me.
  7. rock bus

    Ricardo's report v Cardiff

    Ive only seen the highlights and read Ricardo’s report (which, as an exile, I’m always really grateful for) but I don’t think we did that bad.

    Their first goal was a bit fortunate and the last pure class. But we seemed to have the best chances and looked pretty decent against a team who may be automatically promoted.

    Guess its the story of this season with just not quite being up to the standard we expect/hope for.

    I’m sure many will think I’m delusional but I’m still on board with what Farke is trying to achieve and with another full pre season can at least see us top 6 next year.

    We need two key things:

    - presuming he leaves find an ‘adequate’ replacement for Maddison. We wont get someone as good as him but need someone to offer us some invention - I actually think Leitner is the perfect replacement if we can pull that one off.

    - the second is the real challenge - a decent striker. We are making a few more chances now and I think this will improve more with Hernandez at full speed in the team. We need that person who has an instinct for goal, that’s not Serbeny but he will be decent back up.

    Time for Webber to really earn his money!
  8. I can''t see why people aren''t willing to give him some time. I think he''s been decent since he arrived. The goal (or near miss!) should give him some additional confidence and gets the pressure of scoring his first goal off his back.

    I seem to recall a Mr Roberts who started very poorly for us but went on to be a decent striker!!
  9. rock bus

    Ben Godfrey at Wembley

    Sadly a bit of a let down for Shrewsbury and the Norwich boys.

    Know Godfrey is highly thought of but will still be a huge step up if he is to make it into our first team. Certainly not sure Morris ever will but I guess you never know
  10. rock bus


    This must be one of the saddest threads on this site....and that''s saying something.

    The level of bickering and pathetic name calling from supporters of the same team is really sad.

    Why cant people just respond to the content of the OP or just let it go.

    Really making me question why I come on here.
  11. rock bus

    Wes has always been the barometer.....

    In some ways the OP has a point, not necessarily about the manager but us as a club.

    Most recent managers have tried to develop a team not reliant on Wes. It has always failed and they’ve ended up having to bring him back.

    Firstly that’s a credit to Wes and his unique skills. But it also highlights how poorly we’ve invested the premiership millions.

    Now, due to his age, we’ve had to move on. Thankfully this season we have had Maddison.

    That’s farke’s biggest challenge now, building a proper winning squad not reliant on the brilliance of one individual.
  12. rock bus

    OT Top of the table

    I could easily see them blowing it, which would be great and sadly the highlight of this season for many of us!
  13. rock bus

    Match Thread vs Hull

    Think we might be going back to 3 at the back next game!!,
  14. rock bus

    Match Thread vs Hull

    Sounds like Hernandez is doing ok. Let’s get Watkins off and Murphy on to score the winner!
  15. rock bus

    One man team

    As others have said, why moan....jus put enjoy the fact we have a brilliant young player in the team.

    Same goes for all the others who keep banging on about he won’t be here next year, just be glad that we have a very special player now.

    Ps we’ve also been heavily reliant on key players in the past... huckerby and Wes for example.
  16. rock bus

    Match Thread vs Hull

    Chance for Oliveira to show if he really wants to be part of this team or not.

    I know he’s been poor this season but I’d like to see Watkins come good and Murphy rightly dropped to Bench.

    I hope there is some deal for Leitner to stay, if not I’d be using Vrancic more.
  17. Lots of people were moaning about us being too defensive at home so I see this as Farke using Klose injury to try something more attacking.

    I’m really interested in seeing what Hernandez can do. If we could get Murphy firing as well it could see us have the attacking edge we’ve been missing.
  18. rock bus

    Wes Hoolahan

    Just to be clear, Wes is one of my favourite ever players, he is also my 12 year old son’s favourite player. So without a doubt he is a legend in our house.

    But the reality is he is now part of Norwich’s past and not future. To be fair to Farke he gave Wes opportunities in the early part of the season but he failed to deliver. Hence why he fell behind Maddison, Pritchard and now Leitner.

    The time is now for fans and the club to move on and find new great players....that doesn’t mean we will forget Hoolahan or shouldn’t thank him for some of my favourite moments as a Norwich fan.
  19. On the whole, I''d tend to agree that Farke can be a bit slow in making changes (been same for last few managers).

    But in terms of yesterday, as even the sky commentators mentioned we were playing well and looked like the only team likely to win it. McCarthy was desperately making changes to get back in to the game, simple fact is Farke didnt need to do it. We were in total control so understandable why he stuck with it.
  20. rock bus

    Match Thread

    That’s a great finish, giving them the taste of victory and then snatching it away!

    Lot of credit to Hanley showed brilliant determination to get the ball and then a great cross.

    Klose will have loved that!
  21. rock bus

    Match Thread

    Yep, very poor first half. Fair play to the scum managed to drag it into a dour fight which suits them.

    At least we know we can play better second half otbc
  22. rock bus

    Chelsea v City

    Great performance tonight. Sure we could so without extra time but really proud of all of them tonight.

    Lewis is a bit special....he’ll now be a target for premier league clubs now
  23. Maybe he will but for now all I can say is sod off! I’m just going to have a night enjoying the fact my team played well and won!
  24. rock bus

    Quality performance

    Yeah, it’s all rumour but Chris Sutton seemed pretty sure Oliveira had pulled out at last moment for the game yesterday.

    Also his recent performances haven’t see him exactly given it his all. I’m also a bit bemused re alll these recent niggles, including yesterday’s. Players who really want to give their all for a team often manage to play through those types of things.

    I couldn’t care about his temperament if he was really trying, forget that ..couldn’t careless what he does if he was scoring..but he’s not doing any of that!

  25. rock bus

    Quality performance

    I watched on telly...AND thought it was a really good game.

    Appreciate neutrals would’ve found it fairly unexciting but as Norwich fan it was great. We played with energy and passion which is my main requirement.

    On top of that Maddison and Pritchard and Lewis showed some real class which put the Chelsea stars to shame. May have been their second team but ALL of them would be valued at £20m+.

    If that’s not enough a defence that looked awful earlier in the season didn’t give Chelsea a sniff. Special mention to Zimmerman who when we signed him it was stated was only here for back up as championship was too big a step up for him!

    If we could just add a quality striker who actually wants to be here and give his all (Oliveira is becoming an emabarrasment) then that team could definitely get us up.