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  1. Maybe he will but for now all I can say is sod off! I’m just going to have a night enjoying the fact my team played well and won!
  2. rock bus

    Quality performance

    Yeah, it’s all rumour but Chris Sutton seemed pretty sure Oliveira had pulled out at last moment for the game yesterday.

    Also his recent performances haven’t see him exactly given it his all. I’m also a bit bemused re alll these recent niggles, including yesterday’s. Players who really want to give their all for a team often manage to play through those types of things.

    I couldn’t care about his temperament if he was really trying, forget that ..couldn’t careless what he does if he was scoring..but he’s not doing any of that!

  3. rock bus

    Quality performance

    I watched on telly...AND thought it was a really good game.

    Appreciate neutrals would’ve found it fairly unexciting but as Norwich fan it was great. We played with energy and passion which is my main requirement.

    On top of that Maddison and Pritchard and Lewis showed some real class which put the Chelsea stars to shame. May have been their second team but ALL of them would be valued at £20m+.

    If that’s not enough a defence that looked awful earlier in the season didn’t give Chelsea a sniff. Special mention to Zimmerman who when we signed him it was stated was only here for back up as championship was too big a step up for him!

    If we could just add a quality striker who actually wants to be here and give his all (Oliveira is becoming an emabarrasment) then that team could definitely get us up.
  4. rock bus

    Team v Chelsea

    A good performance against the league champions..I’m satisfied with that.

    Great to see people still moaning about it on here though!
  5. rock bus

    Team v Chelsea

    That’s a good performance.

    We’ve been the better team, missing a presence up front as you’d probably expect.

    Could easily sneak this which would be great for confidence
  6. rock bus

    Team v Chelsea

    It’s certainly interesting!

    I’m actually quite excited about it...it’s a strong team and trying to do something different.

    Perfect game to give something new a go
  7. rock bus

    Match thread v Millwall

    More like Husband dropped for being rubbish!!

    That team looks really strong and makes you wonder why we aren''t doing much better!

    Let''s hope it''s a positive start to 2018 and we build the future from today onwards.

    Happy new year all otbc
  8. rock bus

    Burton Match Thread

    Trying to look on bright side(?!)....

    How many times has a recall for Hoolahan led to us all moaning? Just shows that, we are finally moving on with Pritchard and Maddison, presuming, we keep them
  9. rock bus

    Burton Match Thread

    I’m a fan of Farke still but that line up looks ridiculous.

    Can understand resting one or two but not all our best players.

    Oh, well fingers crossed it works
  10. rock bus

    Return of Tettey/Trybull?

    At the moment we need to be solid and build some confidence. So Tettey and Trybull are the ideal partnership for that. Both solid players who do the simple things right.

    But that doesn’t mean they will always be the best pair for every game. There will be times when it will suit to just have one of them and have someone with a little more flair alongside them e.g reed or the recently improved Vrancic.

    I’m sure that’s Farke’s aim but due to injuries and form he’s never quite been able to mix it up as he’d like.
  11. rock bus

    Too many changes in team?

    I read yesterday that we have had more changes in our starting line up than any other team in the championship.

    I think this is important as it highlights two key issues:

    1. Farke still doesn’t know his best team..a problem which Alex Neil always had as well.

    2. Perhaps explains the ongoing inconsistency (although arguably we are now consistently losing and not playing well!!).

    Ironically we need to make a number of changes for the next game but I would then stick with that first 11 for a few games.

    Mainly I’d have a midfield of Tettey, Trybull, Wildschut and Pritchard.

    The defence will then be Pinto, Hanley, Klose and now Louis.

    Up front we really have no choice but Maddison behind Oliveira but I’d be tempted to swap Maddison and Murphy mid game to add pace when needed.
  12. rock bus

    City v Sheff Weds

    Best thing about it for me was that despite all the issues and problems it is clear the players are all fully behind Farke.

    They could easily have put down tools at half time and he may well have been out before Xmas.

    It’s only one win but it could be a start of another good run.
  13. Best thing about it for me was that despite all the issues and problems it is clear the players are all fully behind Farke.

    They could easily have put down tools and he may well have been out before Xmas.

    It’s only one win but it could be a start of another good run.
  14. Hasn’t even Farke already demonstrated he can take us on an extensive unbeaten run?!?

    There are no guarantees with any manager so for now I feel we should see him and the team as long term project.
  15. rock bus

    Match thread - Cardiff

    I’m a bit bemused that Wildschut hasn’t been given a chance here or indeed before...Farke can’t really rate him
  16. rock bus

    Match thread - Cardiff

    That midfield looks mighty weak! Especially given Farke highlighted in the press conference that we’d have to fight Cardiff!

    It is a bit of mystery how we aren’t free scoring with players like Maddison, Hoolahan, Murphy, Oliveira and Vrancic.

    Let’s hope they all finally click together tonight or it could be quite painful
  17. rock bus

    Vrancic apologists

    Thought Vrancic was ‘ok’ today.

    Clearly has his limitations which are exposed in a weakened ream even more.

    Reason he ashy subbed is Reed got injured and only kids on the bench.

    As much as I love the guy I was more disappointed in Hoolahan. In fact he has been disappointing over the last few games. At a time when we have needed him to show his undoubted skill and creativity he’s really done nothing and poor old Maddison has been carrying the midfield.

    Vrancic Should be a sub at best but today he was no worse than Hoolahan, Oliveira or Murphy (especially as he missed an open goal!]
  18. rock bus

    Farke out? Straw poll

    No - we have set out it’s going to be a full change in the way the club is going to be run and how we play.

    Occasionally everything can click and bring instant success but most times it requires time, patience and consistency.

    Only if we are seriously in danger of relegation would I get rid of Farke this season.
  19. rock bus

    Most fouled player ever?

    Huckerby was most fouled player in the premier league with us!

    Let’s hope Maddison goes on to be such a legend!
  20. rock bus


    To me the Comments here are very similar to what use to be said about Andrew Surman... basically good eye for a pass but far too lightweight and not up to it.

    Of course, Surman went on to be a huge success at Bournemouth.

    May be a case Vrancic will just never be right for the hurly burly of the championship but better suited to the more controlled and measured game of the premiership.

    Or maybe we’re not playing him in the right position and the players around him are not giving the right support or offering the types of runs and movements he needs.

    To say he can’t play football and is a waste of space seems a bit harsh to me.
  21. rock bus


    Something definitely doesn’t seem right with Oliveira. Lots of different injuries with no real known course. One knock after another.

    I thought that he was disappointing against Arsenal, just seemed a bit disinterested and was constantly just walking around shaking his head. Seems strange given you’d think he’d be fired up for that game given opposition and just coming back from injury.

    Of course, possibly understandable as seems to be fighting against loads of niggling injuries. BUT I also wonder if mentally he is up for the fight or even if he still rues fact we didn’t agree a transfer in the summer. I just feel someone like Holt or even Jerome might just have the strength and commitment to play through some of these injuries whilst Oliveira is more likely to succumb to them?

    He is clearly top quality but we need a striker who is capable f playing most games.
  22. rock bus

    Arsenal vs Norwich match thread

    Even that stolen off us..rule tweaked a little while ago :(
  23. rock bus

    Arsenal vs Norwich match thread

    Michael Bailey mentioning that arsenal may have broken subs rule..think you can only use fourth sub if 3 used in 90minutes (like we did).

    Even if that is the case mor chance of that ref giving a penalty against arsenal than the FA overturning the result, unfortunately.
  24. rock bus

    England live at 5

    Spent the first part of the afternoon watching a great game of football.

    Group of young kids giving everything they''ve got. Playing good football, fighting hard against an aggressive team and ending up with a good 5-1 victory. Left me feeling proud of my son and his mates.

    Second part of the afternoon being bored to death by another lack lustre England game. Left me disillusioned about how dull a game can be and how these players can be paid millions!
  25. rock bus

    Bristol City match thread

    Decent team, but I''d liked to have seen wildschut given a start