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  1. rock bus

    Teemu Pukki

    It is only a you tube clip but strangely I’m p,eased the goals mainly seem to be one on ones, breaking through or just finishing ‘easy’ close goals. Not an abundance of ‘worldies ‘.

    Bet you could make an awesome montage of Oliveira fantastic shots outside the box. I think what we need is a guy who puts himself about and finishes more chances than he misses. Know his job and isn’t looking to be flash.

    They’re the qualities Holt brought and we can only hope and pray this guy ends up being half the player Holt was.
  2. rock bus

    On FB We've Signed Ben Marshall?

    Played in an under appreciated Millwall team that we’re pushing for promotion via play offs all season...I’d settle for that next season.
  3. rock bus


    This place is getting unbelievable, now using a performance by a totally unrelated team to slag off our club and the managers tactics.

    Of course, Germany have been kicked out of the World Cup so all German managers and their tactics are rubbish...someone better let all the Liverpool fans know as well!
  4. rock bus

    City Summer Transfer Thread.

    I have a feeling we might be going all out for Duksch which will be great if we get him but bit worried how far we have advanced plans B & C if we dont.

    Get Duksch together with Leitner and Marshall and I''d consider us to be in a reasonable place. Ideally would also then want to swap Nelson for a player of similar quality who wants to be here!
  5. As others have said a top bloke who shows class in everything he does.

    Not sure a player can be a legend after only really playing for one full season but will always be fondly remembered.

    Hope he smashes it in the premier league
  6. Wonder if we were really interested or possibly we said he would have to fight it out with Remi for no1 spot?

    Wolves signed Portuguese international so how about that Ruddy bloke coming here
  7. Trying to be fair is he not just saying what we all know and being realistic?

    There’s a huge financial gap and the sale of Murphy doesn’t even cover it.

    I don’t like it, I’d love us to be spending millions to ‘guarantee’ promotion (but ask Villa fans about that!) but we don’t have that kind of backer and I still want a team to support even if it’s in the championship if the alternative is s**t or bust!!
  8. rock bus

    McNally, Saint or Sinner ?

    I’ve got a lot of time for him. Brought some much needed ruthlessness to the club, helped sort out our finances and brought some of the most enjoyable years I’ve had supporting the club I love.

    Also, on a personal level I was training for the London marathon at the time and engaged in a few private messages on twitter with him. He was genuinely a decent guy and offered up some great advice and inspiration. Something he didn’t have to do to help someone who was just a fan of effectively his employer.

    Last nights tweeets probably weren’t a great idea but I kind of like the idea he is still passionate about the club and how we are doing.
  9. rock bus

    Legends Game

    We should sign Hucks up.....still got it.

    Impressed by father Mulryne and Gary Holt as well.

    Others appeared not to have kept their fitness levels p but have clearly been enjoying plenty of corporate hospitality !!

    Great attendance and well done the club for an enjoyable day at a real bargain price
  10. rock bus

    OT - England Squad

    Does seem to be too many defenders and not enough quality midfielders.

    Despite injury hit season, I’d have taken Lallana as he’s been England’s best performer in lots of games over last few years.

    Mind you, what do I know..I’d have taken Gunn, Maddison and begged Wesley to come out of retirement and switch nationality!!
  11. rock bus

    Oliveira's next club..

    Clearly an arrogant t****r .... which I could actually live with if he performed when on the pitch but sadly he hasnt done that.

    I''m still not sure if that is down to fact he isnt good enough or just hasnt bothered trying. I cant help think that eventually he will go to a club and thrive, but his history is beginning to show he will always think he is better than he can.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing but really the moment he disrespected Farke we should of got shot of him for whatever he was worth at the time.

    Let''s hope Swansea still think they can transform him or his agents cosy arrangement with Wolves works in our favour (his quotes in the article make me think this is what will happen and he will get the chance to prove all us doubters wrong in the premier league).
  12. rock bus

    Summer blues...

    I think things really fell apart when McNally left. I know not everyone is or even was a fan, but he gave us a hard edge and seemed to stand up to the board/owners.

    Fact is we lucked out on a fantastic mix of McNally/Lambert/Holt/Hoolahan.

    That was probably fate just smiling on us and won’t happen for decades again. So, for now, I’m just going to keep backing Farke because I like him and appreciate what he is trying to do. Still undecided on Webber but on the whole, barring Watson and Franke, I’ve liked the signings we’ve made (although actually wonder how much of that is as much Farke as Webber which makes me query what he does now he’s sacked most the old guard!)

    The new regime will have my support at least until Xmas by which time I expect improvements to have been delivered.

    Whatever happens I will always love and support the club
  13. rock bus


    Gutted Villa have on, would love to see them rot in championship for few years.

  14. rock bus


    I loved Cameron Jerome when he was here and it’s a shame we had to sell him But

    I honestly don’t think we’d have ended up any higher this season if we had kept him and he was leading our line. At best could of finished above scum but wouldn’t have made play offs. You could never doubt his work rate but he missed a lot of chances.

    It therefore made perfect sense to sell him and get some cash and his inevitably high wages off the wage bill.

    The crucial thing going forward is from somewhere we find a decent striker who wants to be here next season and replace Oliveira as the main man.....if we do that we may well see progression to play offs.
  15. I’d be interested if we could manage some sort of loan deal or player swap as part of the deal.

    Would be interested to know, if we got a player in ‘part exchange ‘ would that reduce the amount we have to pay on to Coventry?

    Although as I live near Coventry and have lots of mates who support them I don’t begrudge them getting a windfall (they’ve had it tough over last few years).
  16. rock bus

    Wes face mask

    That’s awesome...thank you!
  17. rock bus

    Wes face mask

    Pm sent (I hope!)

    Thank you!
  18. rock bus

    Wes face mask

    After a bit of a favour.

    Can’t make the game tomorrow but my son would LOVE one of the Wes face masks.

    If someone could pick a spare one up for me it would be awesome.

    Happily cover cost with postage and/or make contribution to a charity of your choice

    Be cool if someone could help

  19. rock bus

    Wes off

    Really a sad day, been a great player for us over the years and genuinely deserving of the legend title.

    He is also my 12 year old son''s footballing hero and will be hard to replace in his eyes (my son hasn''t even fully taken to Maddison because he still sees him as having taken Wes'' place!).

    In my house we always refer to Messi as the Argentinian Hoolahan!

    We will of course, have more good and possibly great players but unlike we will see these types of heroes any more.
  20. rock bus


    Agreed , sounds like he’s asking for a big payout.

    Must admit I’m getting a bit sick of the way he is leaching off the club. All we keep hearing from him is that he just wants to be playing and that’s the most important thing. If that really is the case he can give up some of his contract.

    I know some will say why should he, we gave him the stupid contract and would I give up £x millions. I get that BUT it’s not like he hasn’t made enough money to happily retire.

    We just need rid ASAP
  21. I''m prepared to get slammed for this but maybe a long term plan is to build him in to the management structure.

    Maybe we extended his contract with a view to retaining him within the coaching team.

    If we are adopting a long term project approach why not having him working alongside Farke and learning what is to be the ''Norwich way'' and getting him coaching and mentoring the younger players. He is obviously well respected within the club and by the players and has shown his commitment to the club (if only by not rising to some of the unnecessary abuse he has got)

    Who knows maybe longer term stepping in to the coaches role?!?!
  22. Apologies if I''ve missed it but have the club actually stated why he didnt play and what the problem is now?
  23. rock bus

    Ricardo's report v Cardiff

    Hope you’re right and tha we can get him then!
  24. I’d choose Farke even if that is at the expense of the promotion I expect Colin might bring.

    I’ll support Norwich whatever league they are in and want to have a manager, team and club that I like and have respect for.

    The club is part of who I am and having decent people involved in it is important to me.
  25. rock bus

    Ricardo's report v Cardiff

    Ive only seen the highlights and read Ricardo’s report (which, as an exile, I’m always really grateful for) but I don’t think we did that bad.

    Their first goal was a bit fortunate and the last pure class. But we seemed to have the best chances and looked pretty decent against a team who may be automatically promoted.

    Guess its the story of this season with just not quite being up to the standard we expect/hope for.

    I’m sure many will think I’m delusional but I’m still on board with what Farke is trying to achieve and with another full pre season can at least see us top 6 next year.

    We need two key things:

    - presuming he leaves find an ‘adequate’ replacement for Maddison. We wont get someone as good as him but need someone to offer us some invention - I actually think Leitner is the perfect replacement if we can pull that one off.

    - the second is the real challenge - a decent striker. We are making a few more chances now and I think this will improve more with Hernandez at full speed in the team. We need that person who has an instinct for goal, that’s not Serbeny but he will be decent back up.

    Time for Webber to really earn his money!