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  1. rock bus

    Best "ordinary" games you've been to...

    Agreed but icing on the top for me is went with my brother who is a Man City fan
  2. rock bus

    Lambert’s a binner

    Gave me some of my best years as a Norwich supporter but this just shows total lack of class and respect.

    Now feel he was great manager for us but probably actually an unpleasant man.

    Perhaps they deserve each other.
  3. rock bus

    Time to give Nelson another go?

    Over my dead body!

    Although tempted to give Rhodes a run out again
  4. rock bus

    Stoke match thread

    Played some wonderful stuff in that half and no way deserve to be losing.

    Just need to keep our heads and goals will come.

    Hernandez on early for me, prob for Buendia
  5. rock bus

    Stoke match thread

    Stream on vip but under qpr game banner
  6. rock bus

    Maddison in the England squad

    You need a bit of arrogance to become the best so I dont really care what he is like on a night out. Did his talking on the pitch with us, has continued to do so at Leicester and I dare say, given the chance, will do with England.
  7. rock bus

    Tonight's team & subs

    Good point. Played really well and just a fortunate goal for the.

    I thought Leitner was superb tonight. Really got stuck in and shows he has learnt to play the ‘English’ game.

    Unbeaten run continues and we shouldn’t be scared of any team in this division
  8. rock bus


    Interestingly haven’t heard much about the Murphys. Looks like we might have got a good deal on them!
  9. rock bus

    Daniels humour

    Good point about Nelson and Warkins in that clip. Just as significant the reference to Thompson who lives 2 doors a way from Nelson but made it in.

    That very short clip tells you a hell of a lot about those players and Farke.

    It’s one of the reasons I’m prepared to give Farke time and stick with him. And also why I wouldn’t have Nelson anywhere near the first team again.
  10. rock bus

    Oliviera's here until at least January then?!?....

    Regardless of stats, Oliviera appears a bit of an idiot to put it mildly.

    I’d be glad to get rid, but fact no one else seems to want him suggests he is now known as having a poor attitude.
  11. rock bus

    Team for today

    I don’t think we’ve been that bad. Decent start and we’ve had a few chances.

    We just have sone big weaknesses....Krul and Pinto are looking real liabilities and seriously think we need to look at loan replacements.

    I’m also at a bit of a loss with Leitner just don’t know what he is contributing.

    But still have hope we could get something out of this game
  12. rock bus

    Home grown rule

    Oxborough can still play for u23s and would effectively be taking one for the team! Going on loan didn’t do Remi much good for us in the end!
  13. rock bus

    Home grown rule

    The one thing I don’t understand is why we are persisting with McGovern on the bench. Given it is highly unlikely we will ever use a sub goalkeeper I’d give that position to a home grown keeper. Surely it’s a risk worth taking to have the best possible outfield players on the bench?
  14. rock bus

    Strong looking squad!

    For me it’s a squad with a lot of unknowns but some real potential.

    If, and I accept it may be a big if at this stage, 2 or 3 of: Marshall, Leitner, Rhodes, Hernandez and Pukki really fulfill their potential they could be inspirational.

    Couple of them really on fire and could easily be in play offs.

    For some reason I’m more excited about this squad and the season than I was last year. Apart from Maddison, and none of us really knew how brilliant he’d end up being, there wasn’t much to be excited about.

    This year I think we could have a few players who can excite the crowd and motivate the team.

    I’m going to stay in the glass half full camp until at least 10 games in!
  15. rock bus

    Charlton match thread

    Really not bothered about this and hope the moaners don’t start.

    Most players priority on final pre season game is not to get injured!

    I’m still excited about what this season may offer.
  16. rock bus


    We don’t necessarily need an experienced keeper what we definitely do need is a very good one.

    Angus proved that last season.
  17. rock bus

    Settled back five

    match tweets suggested Husband did ok yesterday.

    I''m not a fan but that doesn''t mean he isn''t capable of improving and proving me wrong.
  18. I’m building up my pre season hope! I think if Rhodes, Hernandez and Pukki can hit form that could be an impressive front line.

    Goalkeeper is my main concern as well. Would love Matthews to step up but pre season games aren’t installing confidence.
  19. What I am unclear on is the returned back to training late comment.

    I might have missed it but why didn’t he start with everyone else?

    IF it was a case of him just not bothering to turn up then I wouldn’t take him to Germany either as would clearly be a disruptive influence.

    He has the capability to be a good player but there’s hardly a long queue of clubs wanting to buy him or he’d be gone by now.
  20. rock bus

    World Cup Thread

    Some of the immediate bashing of the England team by pundits on ITV and on social media are a disgrace.

    Quite simply, tonight I’m totally gutted but also very proud.

    Well done to Southgate and all the England team you can come home with your heads held high
  21. rock bus

    Jordan Rhodes

    Yep good signing. IF he can fiind his goal scoring touch he could make the difference in us making the playoffs.

    Also encouraging the comments he was desperate to sign for us. Might be just bluster but I like the idea of having players with a point to prove.

    Will be interesting to see what happens with Oliveira now?
  22. rock bus


    He’s running and energy has been sublime.

    Confidence in front of goal has gone but as the panel on Bbc have just said he is doing loads for the team.

    IF he gets a goal in this game his confidence will soar and I could see him winning us the World Cup

    #come on England
  23. rock bus

    Jordan Rhodes

    I''m warming to the idea.

    He is experienced and knows where the goal is (or at least did!).

    Also, and this fits in with our template, he should have a point to prove. Now regarded as a flop at Wednesday this will be his last chance to prove he still has it and earn himself one more decent move (either permanent to us OR, on the back of a good season, the Premiership - in the dream world us in the premiership!!).

    Also good to see local paper talk of getting rid of £3m fee and covering only part of his wages.

    Overall, looks like it could be a deal with minimum risk that could end up being brilliant.
  24. rock bus

    Is this the end for Pinto?

    Hanley for me